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* Clinical Research/Neuro-Psychiatry Fellowship
  vanillaa - 01/09/17 13:56
  PIMS is offering a Volunteer Clinical Research/Neuro-Psychiatry Fellowship. This is a one year fellowship with great hands on experience in psychiatry. To apply please refer to the following:
Location: Seattle area

Thank you!
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* Re:Clinical Research/Neuro-Psychiatry Fellowship
  cooldengi - 01/09/17 14:23
  THe application deadline is already gone. nov 1st through dec 30th. I might be wrong.  
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* Re:Clinical Research/Neuro-Psychiatry Fellowship
  geniculate - 01/09/17 15:00
The only issue with this opportunity that it is NOT a ACGME program. Based my experience and talking to colleagues in the field non ACGME experience doesn't carry much weight. I know, it is rude, but it is the reality of getting a residency as an IMG even if we contribute to state/federal revenue.

Puget Sound is beautiful, but expensive area to live.
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* Re:Clinical Research/Neuro-Psychiatry Fellowship
  moneygram - 01/09/17 18:49
  Looks like vanillaa is a spammer.  
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* Re:Clinical Research/Neuro-Psychiatry Fellowship
  vanillaa - 01/11/17 14:55
  @ cooldengi We have extended the application deadline until March 15th. Interviews will be conducted last week of March.  
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