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* I am a resource for you...
  helperimg2014 - 01/11/17 11:46
  I am here to give back to the IMG community as I was in your shoes not too long ago. Here is my background -
Completed my medical school outside US, did my USMLE steps including step 3 before the NRMP match, completed two different observer-ships and one year long extersnhip. I was lucky enough to get into research project with my Externship attending. I was able to secure a residency position and then went on to complete two fellowships. I have done several podium and poster presentations and kept myself intrigued to learn more and more of medicine. I am now in an academic setting - teaching and practicing medicine. This sounds like SIMPLE when I spell it out but in reality, it was sheer HARD-WORK and PERSEVERANCE. I state with confidence - no short cuts in medicine !!!

I would be happy to answer any questions you might have in the so called - "US Residency journey". However, I am doing this as a volunteering process so might not be available round the clock but I am ready to be a resource for you to help you guide and navigate through. Looking forward to working with you all.
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* Re:I am a resource for you...
  cooldengi - 01/11/17 12:02
  I am so glad about your success. I am wondering how did you get into an externship followed by research? I can imagine you had taken a long path but all that matters is getting into residency. How much do you think will step 3 help your application.
Were the extern in university affiliated hospital or private clinics?

Hope to hear from you soon.
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* Re:I am a resource for you...
  helperimg2014 - 01/11/17 12:15
  Cooldengi : I would say I was just lucky enough to get research. I was making myself available to help anyone for any ongoing research. Many people used me for working for them excel sheet completing person. However, my attending was gracious enough to include me in her paper as an author which helped my residency application. Step 3 holds a great weight-age as programs take you as a complete package, they don't have to worry about you taking time off for studies and also it might help you with H1B, if they are willing to offer.

Also, which not a lot of people think about, Step 3 is an exam which should be taken after or during the intern year if you are done with step 3. So, if you have completed this test, you are a really smart intern.
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* Re:I am a resource for you...
  helperimg2014 - 01/13/17 13:43
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* Re:I am a resource for you...
  neetl - 01/15/17 17:32
  Hello helperimg,I am 2010 graduate,step1 207,step 2 ck 221,CSS passed 1sr time,studying for step 3 now applied for 2017match and got no interviews.2 years of externship and 6months of onserverships did not work well.please advise me to get into residency.tell me the things to do for getting into residency.thank you so much .  
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