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* Pathology Match 2018
  hamadis - 05/15/17 08:35
  Hello my friends. I am planning to apply for Pathology this year and would love if you guys (Pathology Applicants) shared this journey with me and we can help each other. Please share your experience and credentials (if you want to) and IMG friendly programs/Pre-Match programs.
I am a visa requiring IMG and currently doing an observership at pathology lab.
YOG: 2011
Step 1: 220
Step 2: 214
CS: first attempt
Step 3: 193 (second attempt)
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* Re:Pathology Match 2018
  sara2009 - 05/17/17 10:21
  Could you you please help me how i am going to get an observership in pathology. Much appreciation

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* Re:Pathology Match 2018
  hamadis - 05/17/17 13:36
  Hello. Honestly speaking, I got in through a contact so if you know anyone, thats your best bet. Also, SUNY upstate offers one month observership and so does Medical College of wisconsin. Also, email faculty members and ask them to put you on research if you have any experience.  
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* Re:Pathology Match 2018
  sara2009 - 05/17/17 13:57
  I don't want research but I want an observership in pathology!! could you please ask your program coordinator if she could help!!!

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* Re:Pathology Match 2018
  hamadis - 05/17/17 17:24
  hey i work at a community hospital with no residency program. so its a little difficult but if I am able to help, then I will Inshallah  
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* Re:Pathology Match 2018
  parmesh495 - 05/19/17 09:41
  it may be difficult buy apply there are chances  
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* Re:Pathology Match 2018
  hamadis - 05/19/17 09:49
  I know but nothing is easy. Yep thats the best thing to do, keep trying and be persistent.  
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* Re:Pathology Match 2018
  sg1412 - 06/29/17 20:06
  Hi i was wondering if someone give suggestions about personal statement and how to o about the match process for pathology  
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* Re:Pathology Match 2018
  hamadis - 07/02/17 20:39
  PS should be focused on Pathology. Thoroughly research the programs before applying. Even though the general consensus is that its easy to get into Pathology, it requires a lot of hard work. PDs are looking for candidates who are willing to dedicate their lives cutting through samples and then examining them under the microsocpe  
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* Re:Pathology Match 2018
  thelma77 - 07/04/17 12:21
  Hey! is there any WhatsApp group??  
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* Re:Pathology Match 2018
  her2neu - 07/04/17 12:34
  I want to apply but I haven't taken CS yet and I don't have USCE either, some advice please. I need help. IMG.  
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