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* Not for old graduates who matched
  down21 - 06/09/17 12:53
  My story is not for old graduate who matched. Its for those who are not matched and there is no hope. I and my husband immigrated to USA 9 YEARS ago. We were young, energetic and were resident doctors at our country but because of family, we moved here. And everything came upside down. We were short of money, living in basement, somehow we managed to take USMLE but without Uworld and NBME. So we passed our exams but scores were not very inspiring. In the mean time, we had two kids AND NO JOB. So my husband started doing odd jobs. I did internships at clinic, work for free to get hands on experience and LOR. Two years in a row ,get one IV each year but not matched. We were unable to improve our living because of ERAS applications. ERAS is expensive.
So finally we both decided that's its enough. I started doing MPH and during my first semester, get a graduate research assistant job with Psychiatry. My husband also get a job with a pharmaceutical as QA and he started working on his master with Health Informatics. When I was in my last semester, I got a full time job of Clinical Research associate in the University Hospital. My husband also recently accepted a position at the same university hospital. We are not working as a doctor but we are doing a decent job. No more free labor. We are now planning to move from the basement in a nice house for our kids.
Our journey is difficult and full of pain and suffering. I learned my lesson very late. My advise for all those old graduate who are waiting that they will match one day, please stop it. Work on your plan B. You are a doctor and nobody can steal your degree from you.
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* Re:Not for old graduates who matched
  hopeful83 - 06/11/17 03:37
  congrats, i agree, not getting into residency isnt the end of life, we have to move on. Im happy for ur success. ur kids are ur first priority, and ull be rewarded for your struggles.  
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* Re:Not for old graduates who matched
  olezya - 06/11/17 10:01
@ down21..i agree too...i'm in the same situation ...could you please tell me how did you get in mph program?? I tried to do it but there are a lot of requirements
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* Re:Not for old graduates who matched
  norcal123 - 06/11/17 21:03
Programs in NY, FL let you substitute ECFMG certificate for GRE. Others require GRE, at most a statistics class in last 5 years.

I think, University of New England doesn't require GRE, it is online program. There a lot of advance MPH graduate certificates.

There are tons of options if you really want to do MPH.

Google it.
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* Re:Not for old graduates who matched
  norcal123 - 06/11/17 21:27

@down21: Congratulations to you and your husband. I have tremendous respect for both of you. Its obvious that your hard work and dedication paid off.

There are a lot ways to apply medical education and training, residency is one of the options, NOT the only option.

Once again congratulations to you and your husband, you both are inspiring individuals.

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* Re:Not for old graduates who matched
  dilemma1208 - 06/12/17 10:26
  Congrates @down21. I have a lot of respect for you. You made it to the good life you always deserved. I have the similar situation. I am going through a rough patch myself, trying to figure out what should be my plan B. I have couple of options in my mind. May be you could shed some light on some of the options since you and your husband already have something that I plan on working.

Q 1) What is the salary like in MPH and Health informatics?
Q 2) How long are both courses?
Q 3) Do you have any idea about Health System Management?

I would really appreciate any input, especially MPH and Health Informatics.

Thank You in advance.
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* Re:Not for old graduates who matched
  norcal123 - 06/12/17 11:24
@dilemma1208: Its easy type these questions in google and in a couple of hours you would learn more than you wanted to.

I know its none of my business, but to be honest I find it scary and concerning that people who graduated from medical school can't do basic research.
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* Re:Not for old graduates who matched
  dilemma1208 - 06/12/17 12:54
  @norcal123 : Hello my judgemental friend. I already did my research on google. Information on google can't be more accurate than somebody already working in that field. But kudos to you for thinking " all the information on the internet is very accurate " even after attending med school. Don't be scarred for me. Thanks for your attention.  
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* Re:Not for old graduates who matched
  norcal123 - 06/12/17 12:56
Google programs, call programs, ask the advisors what their graduates are doing, what is the projected job market and financial security of the profession.

Research is important.

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* Re:Not for old graduates who matched
  norcal123 - 06/12/17 12:57
Its also really naive and irresponsible to thing that a persona with full time job, two children, marriage, and other life stuff, actually going to respond to every single query.

If she could find her way so can rest of us.

It takes a judgemental person to recognize the other :)
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* Re:Not for old graduates who matched
  dilemma1208 - 06/12/17 13:15
  @norcal123: Ok I get your point. You are right. A little healthy criticism doesn't hurt anybody.

How about you? Where are you from? What's your situation? You preparing for USMLE?
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