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* Help me understand
  match2019 - 06/13/17 14:36
  Hey silent member of the forum since an Year.
Naive about the whole process but I Would like to honestly know how important is it if u have cousins and friends who are already doctors in USA . (I've atleast 4-5 cousins who are doctors here and 10yes older than my age)
Will I be able to get Lors / clinical experience/ match!
If my scores are reasonably ok? Like 220ish?
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* Re:Help me understand
  match2019 - 06/13/17 14:57
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* Re:Help me understand
  match2019 - 06/13/17 15:24
  I'm bumping this post in order to get some help.  
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* Re:Help me understand
  nanaki - 06/13/17 15:45
  If you have family members in the medical setting it may be easier for you to make contacts or find opportunities to obtain USCE. It's not a must but certainly makes it easier. It's not like your cousins will give you LORs out of nowhere (which would be dishonest), but you probably would have more information and better contacts if they are in academic settings.

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* Re:Help me understand
  match2019 - 06/13/17 15:50
  Are we supposed to be doing usce prior to obtaining lor from anyone?
Does shadowing a physician help me get one?
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* Re:Help me understand
  nanaki - 06/13/17 15:58
  Read your question out loud and think about the answer.

How are you supposed to get a LOR that says that you are a competent, capable physician able to fulfill your duties as a resident if the writer has not seen you demonstrating those abilities as a physician in a clinical setting?
LORs come from USCE. You demonstrate you are capable, impress people and then get the letters.
Your application would look really bad if the amount of USCE does not justify how you got your LORs.
What would you answer in an IV when they ask about such experience obtaining the LOR?

LORs are earned, not handed out by family members.

Of course shadowing someone will help you get one, but you may need hands on rotations to demonstrate what you want them to say in such LORs.
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* Re:Help me understand
  match2019 - 06/13/17 16:17
  Ok thankyou. Not intending to get a free lor from a family member fr sure . Hence I came to this forum for help in understanding how everything works . I didn't really wanted to go show my pity face and ask for lors from my cousins lol . That would be the last thing .
I rather prefer doing usce closer to my place and not depend on anyone else . If nothing works,I may speak to them . But thanks
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