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* 36 Questions during Interview--internal Medicine
  masteryoda - 06/14/17 08:29
  We have 36 Questions that will cover almost >90% questions during Interview for internal Medicine. We also have examples for answer for all 36 questions as well as, 5 questions to ask program director/ faculty/interviewer at the end of interview.

If interested, please contact: Email:
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* Re:36 Questions during Interview--internal Medicin
  masteryoda - 06/14/17 08:29
1) Tell me about yourself? (This is usually the first question)
Well, Let me start at the beginning. I was born in XXX and I graduated from XXX University, one of the best medical school in XXX with first class honor. I consider myself to be very analytical in my reasoning and I love the chance of learning something new.
During medical school I XXX. I organized, coordinated and initiated the XXX projects among medical schools in XXX. I also volunteered as a physician at XXX during XXX in XXX. I was able to balance theses activities with a primary focus on my education.
I worked hard, have high responsibilities taking care of my patients. Thatís why I receive several awards outstanding in my rotations.
After graduation, I worked as an intern at XXX hospital in XXX part of XXX, which was XXX. I have experiences to perform various hand-on skills and emergency life saving procedures. I also volunteered myself to help patients in XXX.
Personality, I am easygoing and I love to put people at ease.
Now, I eager to begin my residency training in Internal medicine
I am prepared to answer any questions you may have about my education and experience.
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