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* How to study while jealous
  usmlechic - 07/10/17 23:03
  I have a cousin who got into residency while I am still struggling to pass USMLE she. I hate studying so much now. Family isn't making it any easier as they are always praising my cousin... please help  
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* Re:How to study while jealous
  addled - 07/11/17 08:09
  focus on what u can do and forget anything else  
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* Re:How to study while jealous
  hba - 07/11/17 11:20
  Guys please calm down!
Where did you all take this thread?
We are here to discuss how to survive through malignant residency

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* Re:How to study while jealous
  hba - 07/11/17 11:21
  Sorry posted in wrong thread.
I apologize
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* Re:How to study while jealous
  gear2d - 07/11/17 21:09

I think a lot of us who did not match in the past felt the same of others who did. I learned it is best to be happy for them. Be happy your cousin has gotten in (means you will have a chance as well), and the fact your family is praising her/him means they are supportive of it. Hard not to think negative but.... what good will it do to be that way? What would be your train of thought if your cousin had not matched at all (would you be happy, sad, or would you be worried that if your cousin did not match then what catch do I)? Think of this way your cousin could help you get in to the program he/she did (many programs, though they deny this, do match family members as long as they spend time doing something fruitful in the program). So think of this as a catch to increase your chances of matching when you do apply.
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* Re:How to study while jealous
  usmlechic - 07/11/17 21:17
  Gear2d... Thank you. It is truly the hardest thing in the world for me because my cousin is younger and is more successful than me . Everytime my family praises her I go into deep depression and anxiety because that implies that I could not do it. I then scream and get angry. I start studying and I can't concentrate properly. I really wish I could deal with this on my own but a lot of times I just feel that I am going to explode. I have even talked to her and expressed to her how I feel but I feel aweful. This is consuming my life and I can't concentrate. I study and cry all day.  
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* Re:How to study while jealous
  usmlechic - 07/11/17 21:19
  It would have been much better if it was a classmate or a friend who had got in but having a cousin into it and that too a younger cousin .... My emotions are springing through hell!!  
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* Re:How to study while jealous
  gear2d - 07/11/17 21:22

I see your point. But there is always someone, be it family or not, who is always going to be better than you. Though for you your emotions are hard to control, why not think of this as a positive? Is all that jealous worth your USMLE score? I think it may help if you spoke with someone outside your family who you can vent to. And again think of this as an opportunity as I had mentioned before.
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* Re:How to study while jealous
  down21 - 07/12/17 11:25
  I understand your point and i totally believe that there is no way to think different unless you move to a different state or your family become supportive.  
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* Re:How to study while jealous
  hiwan12 - 07/14/17 20:35
  Hi, I totally agree with down21, You need to remove yourself from this enviroment. If they are causing so much distress like this and trying to squeeze you and box you and your future. Please detach yourself immediatly.  
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