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* LoR help please
  rey17 - 07/11/17 13:00
  I have a question: Do you think we need more than 4 LoRs , I know we can assign just 4 letters for each program but there are any extra benefit if you have more than 4 LoR upload already in Myeras????My credentials are not to good but I have many doctors happy to help me with LoRs , so I'm not sure if it would help me , ( what is the point of have 10 LoRs if we can use only 4??)  
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* Re:LoR help please
  sqedsaint - 07/11/17 13:33
  Some people are applying to multiple specialties therefore they need to upload multiple LoRs. Just pick your favorite docs or assign the best LoRs, there's only so much you can do.  
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* Re:LoR help please
  rey17 - 07/11/17 14:17
  Thank a lot , I planned apply only for IM, I'm really old IMG so people said is easer IM than FM for me. What do you think???  
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* Re:LoR help please
  badresident11 - 07/11/17 14:40
  I want to tell you a very interesting and sad things about the LOR, which I have learned during my past several years of struggle. I was working in a hospital(shadowing/externship) where i had received 2-3 LORS. One of the attending gave me a great LOR(I had good professional relationship with him) which I finally submitted to residency programs. However, at the time of residency interview the PD asked my permission to speak with the same referee . I gave him my permission to call him. the referee never responded and I was told by the PD that my reference was not verified.

Learning point is that please make sure that your reference letter can be verified. some attending does not want to involve in this process and never respond. it is very unethical ... Please be aware .
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* Re:LoR help please
  alikhan121986 - 07/11/17 16:07
  i will be applying this year for the first time i am a 2015 graduate done with step 1 and 2 but i only have 1 LOR. i am looking for observership or externship before september, but i am wondering if i can apply with only 1 lor. or will my application be considered incomplete if i dont attach 3 lors.  
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