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* Serious Advice Needed
  7th_dance - 07/15/17 13:53
  Hi all, it was some time ago that I used to post on step 1 and CK forums. Now I am ECFMG certified and almost time for applying. Time passes very fast. I am an old graduate, YOG 2012 July. I have a couple of questions that I hope will get a honest answer from you all.
Lets start with my credentials:
Step 1: 251
CK: 246
CS Pass(1)
Observership at University Hospital for total of 3 months with 2 university LORs(Both attendings are IMGs, one Indian and Other from Romania), another obsie at a US clinic and the doctor is a DO, a white guy, He has agreed to write a LOR too. So in total 3 US LORs. 4th LOR is from an Australian faculty that I worked with 2 years ago. All 4 LORs will be waived.
NO publications, NO research experience.
This basically sums up my credentials. I am planning to apply for IM only. What are my chances with these credentials? How many programs should I apply? How many interview will I approximately get? If I take step 3, do I have chances of getting more interviews? What should I do to make my applications stronger. My gap from graduation till application is really getting me worried, esp when there are so many fresh grads with better credentials.
Your advice will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
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* Re:Serious Advice Needed
  scooper71 - 07/15/17 15:59
  your YOG works against you but your scores make up for it. rest easy.
nobody in this forum or any other forum can look into the future and tell you how many interviews u can expect.
theres is plenty of time to apply, so i would suggest you do your own research into which programs are img friendly and their cut off for graduation and requirement for step 3.
if you want to make your application stronger i would suggest that you find an externship which offers hands on clinical experience. not observerships.
programs do look for hands on clinical experience especially in old grads
step 3 helps but i dont think by much.
good luck
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* Re:Serious Advice Needed
  7th_dance - 07/15/17 17:19
  Thanks scooper, I tried looking for externships with hands on clinical experience but the slots are occupied for most of them. What do you think about research? Will research help in my application?  
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* Re:Serious Advice Needed
  parmesh495 - 07/18/17 09:11
  try for externship which provides strong clinical experience with LORs which are strong... which makes your application strong  
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* Re:Serious Advice Needed
  7th_dance - 07/18/17 09:43
  Thanks Parmesh, I checked a lot of sources for externships but most of them are for medical students. Do they even offer externships to medical graduates for that matter? If yes, I am not looking at the right place. COuld you guide me how to look for them? Thank you.  
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