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* Suicide For Medical Residency
  badresident11 - 07/15/17 19:45
  25 Year Old Medical Student Kills Himself After Being Passed Over For Medical Residency Programs Discussion in 'Medi

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* Re:Suicide For Medical Residency
  gear2d - 07/15/17 20:04
  Thanks for sharing. Definitely a loss for the family and for the medical field. Times are getting tough with residency. Not like what it use to be in the hay days where pretty much everyone could get in to whatever they liked even orthopedics. Unfortunately US and Canada do not agree unless it puts money in to the pockets of politicians or the 1%. Current cuts to research for such things as cancer, educational system... is truly a disadvantage to our patients. Government officials do not care as they are not the ones at the end of the stick getting beaten by the system (when former Vice President's son was diagnosed with cancer they placed a bill to increase funding to cancer research). I hope those who truly deserve to be in residency do match.  
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