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* NIH Fellowship
  2222usmle - 07/28/17 23:12
  Hello guys! I applied this year but i didnt match. Now i am thinking to improve my resume.
What do you think is better to do an externship for 3 months or to do a fellowship for 1-2 year at INH?
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* Re:NIH Fellowship
  2222usmle - 07/30/17 00:59
  Any opinion please?  
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* Re:NIH Fellowship
  nrmp2012 - 07/30/17 11:56
Depends on why u didn't match.

If you got 15 interviews band didn't match then u probably want to improve interviewing skills. In this case taking a year or two off to do NIH fellowship doesn't make sense

Also depends on what the NIH fellowship is clinical or research. If you already have previous research experience then the externship might be way to go.

If you want sound advice, you need to be more specific about your credentials and why u didn't match
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* Re:NIH Fellowship
  2222usmle - 07/30/17 22:10
  i had only one interview with connection. I dont have any research experience.  
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* Re:NIH Fellowship
  gear2d - 08/01/17 17:47
  Hard to say if we do not know your scores. If scores are good do the fellowship at INH if it means you will do publications (if just research and nothing else is not as great as publications). Also make an attempt to see if you can do oberseverships/externship if you have no LORs when you have time. In the end I think no one will know for sure (match or not as I think match has a lot to do with faith or luck or both).  
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* Re:NIH Fellowship
  nrmp2012 - 08/01/17 23:40
It is kind of difficult to give an advise without the whole picture. All I can tell u is that research has worked for some people and clinical rotations have been the means to others. U gotta figure out what works for u based on your scores, contacts, previous clinical experience etc
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* Re:NIH Fellowship
  u250 - 08/02/17 16:45
  Scores? Profile? Without these u want to ask for advice it's like asking a blind man to make you cross the road.  
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* Re:NIH Fellowship
  2222usmle - 08/08/17 16:19
  Hey guys thank you for all your responses.
Actually i dont have very good scores but not that bad.
I have some people that are trying to help me through their connections( i dont have very directed connections).
One of them 'offer' me an observership hands on. Another one a fellowship at NIH.
I dont know if it is worthy to do 1-2 year fellowship!!!!!
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