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  easygoing - 08/01/17 17:03
  Do I have chances ?? my credentials are step 1 235; step 2 249; CS pass (all first attempt), ""YOG 2006"", ""No research"",""I have no USCE"" but working as MA for 4 years(have LoRs from university hospital because working there as MA), GC holder  
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* Re:helps
  easygoing - 08/02/17 10:49
  Help me please, I know my score are not to bad but the YOG and having not USCE make me fell anxious, also I did see many post in forums where people with better score didn't match. BTW I hoping for IM, I have not state preference but will be happy on Tx, FL or NY  
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* Re:helps
  gch1414 - 08/02/17 12:06
  I have a friend who match to IM this past year with 7 or 8 YOG, and worse steps than you (both on the 220s). She didn't need visa, that might be a plus, don't know how much it will change if you need a visa.

Another friend of mine, don't know the scores, had 10 years since graduation, and he was also a PA, applied 2 years in a row and didn't match, so he started DO program and he will apply again this year recent grad from DO.

I know its not a lot of info but hope this helps. me I am on the opposite, YOG 2015, but trouble with scores, and very good CV.
I been trying to network with people in the programs through observerships, is not easy as almost nobody answer, but I have been in 3 programs already with a potential interview. you could try that.
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* Re:helps
  easygoing - 08/02/17 12:48
  Thanks so much, it really help, I have not visa issues; as I posted I'm GC holder, lest see if my score are enough :(  
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* Re:helps
  akada1 - 08/03/17 15:31
  @easygoing you have a very good chance regardless of yog. many programs love great scores so just write a good PS explaining your yog and lor.Goodluck  
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* Re:helps
  easygoing - 08/03/17 17:00
  Akada thanks a lot for your comment; but in other forums people says the YOG is a big redflag so the only way to improved my chances is doing externership but I don't kno how. Anyway you reply will make me sleep better today, thanks.  
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* Re:helps
  parmesh495 - 08/07/17 13:03
  you have better chances for Match, but you dont have USCE experience and the yog is too long..  
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* Re:helps
  imghari - 08/09/17 16:36
  you can try to contact hospitals direct for externships. there are also agencys that find programs. I have had personal experience with nyrotations, medclerkships. they gave me exactly what I pay for. hope that helps  
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* Re:helps
  easygoing - 08/09/17 17:13
  imghari thanks a lot for your reply, I will check in the websites but I'm not sure if I have time. We have less than one month to Sept 6, even I'm not sure how long does the paperworks take because to do OB/EXT we need to submit an application then wait for response, by the time I'll finish the rotation probably I already submitted my application through myeras. What do you think is worth expend money/time in something you can't even put on you CV??? Probably it helps during the interview but to get that point I need to pass the filters , to be hones I started losing hope :(  
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* Re:helps
  imghari - 08/10/17 10:57
  I understand the deep concern. But I am aware of programs that will only take 1-2 weeks for initial placement. The coordinators and physicians understand in this tight time. You may ask the preceptor in the 3rd week of rotation for LoR. There will be enough time to submit in MYERAS. Here is the email of one of my mentor he will assist you.  
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* Re:helps
  easygoing - 08/10/17 12:03
  You really are a helper, , Lol, thanks one more time, I have not problem with the LoR(I have 5 already) I just want USCE, do you think can I put the rotation in my CV even before I finish ???For example Can I put: Observeship Hospital ......, since Aug-Sept even when I didn't finish yet, and other question do you think I need a LoR from the rotation to demonstrated that I have USCE???  
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