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* need advice, should I try?
  gch1414 - 08/01/17 20:49
  So this is my situation:

YOG - end of 2015
USCE - 2 years (inpatient and outpatient)
I took step 1 to step 2ck the second time all of them in a period of 6 months (on 2016)
step 1 204
step 2cs pass
step 2ck 205 (fail)
step 2ck 231

got ECFMG certification by the end of 2016
prepared for step 3, going through some difficulties in my life and:
step 3 194 (fail)

right now I am trying to present it before applying (3 weeks) but I am just exhausted and with a lot of fear.

I have good LORs, a very good CV as well with publications too.

I am not sure how I will do if I retake again the step 3 in 3 weeks, how bad will it look my application if I just apply like this, because I am sure it will be worse if I re take it and fail again.

so recommendations? will I have a chance? (looking forward FM and IM)
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* Re:need advice, should I try?
  reddy9 - 08/04/17 19:12
  even i am in the same boat, but i didnt take step 3 yet, planning to take it end of august. is this your first time applying?  
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* Re:need advice, should I try?
  sagarika123 - 08/04/17 19:21
  how is 205 fail in ck,,...  
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* Re:need advice, should I try?
  gch1414 - 08/05/17 00:02
  yeah, first time.

but in my CV I have a non-profit organization that has been recognized internationally, a health care app that is directed to improve patient center medicine, I have published a book (about to publish the second) I have given classes at a medical school. so overall I have a strong CV, is just my steps that are all over :/ and really took a change I didn't spect, now everything is under control, but still, that really throws me off for step 3.

I have good LORs (all from program directors), some contacts that may help me get 3-4 interviews, but my main concern is, let's say I get interviews, and I do great, will the steps play very bad against me when ranking?

for CK you need 209 to pass.

during the next week, i will take the nbme, if I do very good I will take again step 3, if not I will apply with the failhoping that a good PS and my CV and my LORs help.

---whats your situation reddy?
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* Re:need advice, should I try?
  usmlementor - 08/05/17 09:55
  Hi gch1414,

Your profile appears good overall but lot of programs utilizing the screening process may exclude your application based on your scores especially IM as they receive too many applications.

However, you remain strong candidate once you reach the door step of interview. Every thing is positive on your profile but for the stellar scores. Also, I feel you rush a lil bit for the exams. I would be lil cautious before jumping on to step 3. You were very close to pass but missed it with couple points which has been the case for many lately due to various changes in the step 3 in the last couple years.

Make sure to take assessments and move with positive approach and no self doubting. You will definitely do great. It is very ok to apply and continue to prepare for couple more months before the interviews begin. Lot of programs expect you to finish prior to beginning the residency if you are an IMG especially.

Good luck.
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* Re:need advice, should I try?
  gch1414 - 08/05/17 10:49
  thanks a lot for your feedback, and yeah I know the filters will make my application be unnoticed, but I hope for the few programs that do get to see it could give me a chance.

yeah, last year I tried to rush step 2 to be able to apply so I prepared in less than 8 weeks thinking that it was easier than step 1 (because everybody said that) so I failed and didn't even get to apply. (so my mistake here - I didn't prepare well trying to rush my application)

and this year I thought I prepared well for step 3 but liked I said a lot happen in my life in just 3 months. so maybe I was off my game, don't really know, thank God everything is stable now. I will give a shot to the nbme and if I don't do more than 220 like you said I will just apply and take it later

Any suggestions of programs that will overlook fails over a good application? # of programs I should apply?

Again thanks a lot!!
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* Re:need advice, should I try?
  usmlementor - 08/05/17 15:06
  It's hard to name the programs but I would try second tier programs to whom people of your scores have been matching historically. Again if filters are set always low chance. Try to get interviews through contacts and make a solid profile by completing your step 3 and just focus on your positives and strengths while having a reasonable explaination to your weakness rather than blame and lame excuses. During IV's, admit your weakness in standardized tests and show them you would plan and succeed with extra effort in those areas.

Good luck on your prep for step your III
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* Re:need advice, should I try?
  kavya@4a1 - 08/08/17 11:00
  you profile looks good but the only the scores are some less for IM... dont lose hope, try for the best  
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