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* Need advice..can I restart residency?
  thaaj - 08/07/17 00:49
  Hi docs.. I need your advice and what would you do if you were me.. I have been very active in this forum and finished all my steps.
YOG- 2009
STEP 1-199
STEP 2 - 229
STEP 3- 199
CS- PASS first attempt.
Did lot of observerships as well as have 2-3 years of research experience. Through a contact, I got observership in a IM residency program and stayed there for one year with only one goal of getting into residency. I left my 9month old daughter in India during this time as I have no choice and my husband was working in a different place. Luckily I got accepted into the residency program where I was doing observership as one of the residents had to resign. I was a very good resident and everyone were impressed with my work. Slowly as I got busy with wards and ICU, I started to develop burn out and as well as missing my daughter. I was not conscious enough to deal with this early. I was suggested from my colleagues not to get my daughter as I wont be able to focus. With gratitude to the program I kept working even in this tough situation but it started to affect my work performace. My parents were not in a situation to come at that time and the stress in ICU started to hit me. Then I got worried that I may compromise patient care so I decided to take leave because I needed to plan about getting my daughter as well as her care. Unexpectedly my daughter was not coming to me and she did not recognise me as her mother which made me depressed and made me feel guillty that I was after only my career and it is important to balance family life. My program gave me a 12 week leave but that time was not enough for me for rebonding and I was worried that my daughter will not come to me if I start going for work and get busy. So I resigned as I needed some time to plan things and then come back again. My husband has a job at CA and so we had to come back here and I am back to where I started. I moved out of CA as It is not IMG Friendly place but I had to come back because of my destiny. I feel like I should try again but I do not know what the chances are. I need some motivation, me and my husband went through a lot when I was resigning for residency.Now I want to try again but this time plan things well and successfully complete residency. I am gaining my mental strength back and do not want to give up my effort and dream. My husband being a non physician cannot support me much in this journey. So I have to be very strong, I would like to know how to keep myself motivated and persistent to successfully finish this journey. I was almost there but It did not work out. Still I have some hope. Please advise what would be the best to improve my chances to match again and the best approach.
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* Re:Need advice..can I restart residency?
  abcd77 - 08/07/17 09:22
  You haven't mentioned what support is available for your daughter now.

Have you arranged for a nanny for her or something like that?

Without that the situation would be similar to that you experienced earlier.

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* Re:Need advice..can I restart residency?
  thaaj - 08/07/17 11:00
  @ abcd77, thanks for the reply. Yes I plan to arrange for a nanny This time..  
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* Re:Need advice..can I restart residency?
  nanaki - 08/07/17 13:01
  The issue is that you are not restarting. You may get some credit for what you did depending on the PGY level you reached but you are not starting form zero. Your credentials may not get you through many filters, so the program you are applying to has to know that you have previous partial training. Applying would take work and clear communication with programs.
Your story will generate either a lot of sympathy or a lot of concern if you apply for residency again, hopefully more sympathy that will play in your favor.

The other issue is what abcd77 mentioned, the problem has to be solved. Not maybe. You need a clear answer well before you even start the application process and you need to know how to cope with the situation later. Things will be difficult as you know, and PDs will want to be 110% reassured that this will not happen again.
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* Re:Need advice..can I restart residency?
  smartpc - 08/08/17 11:58
  As a PC from a larger program, I would say with all honesty, it is going to be very difficult for you to find another residency....not impossible, but difficult. I am expecting at least 4,500 applications this year, and less than one percent of those 4,500 applicants will receive an interview. Unfortunately, due to you YOG and scores, you will be filtered before the program even sees your application. I would recommend getting some good contacts who will go to the program(s) for you. The PD will need to hear your story, and review your application before deciding if an interview will be given.

If the cost of applying again through ERAS and the strain on your marriage and daughter will not be too high - apply. Otherwise, I would recommend going the PA route.
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* Re:Need advice..can I restart residency?
  thinkbig - 08/09/17 09:10
  you need to have hands-on experience… which is provided with strong LORs. Observerships means only shadowing most of the PDs will not accept it  
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* Re:Need advice..can I restart residency?
  kavya@4a1 - 08/10/17 09:37
  if you want to get into residency it is important to gain LORs which are provided from US  
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* Re:Need advice..can I restart residency?
  thaaj - 08/11/17 12:58
  Thanks for the replies. I already have hands on clinical experience and good LOR's during my few months of residency training. I agree with smartpc and nanaki, It's all about getting my application to the PD through some good contacts and show them that I have a plan for child care now and it does not happen again.

I appreciate for your time. Thanks for your support.

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