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* Question about ERAS as an IMG
  gch1414 - 08/12/17 11:43
Hello, I have a few questions about how to put information into ERAS as an IMG.

1.- I did clerkships in the US that are included on my MSPE, do I still need to add them to my experience?

2.-After graduation I did more rotations, as sub-internships, I basically did the same in all of them, just different service, so do I need to describe everything? because if I do my CV turns 2 pages longer. Also, how long should it be?

3.- Right now I am doing research, but it goes to the end of my CV, and when you open my CV, it appears like right now I am not doing anything until you scroll down, should I also put it as work experience so it appears at the beginning? or this doesn't matter?

4.- Is it okay to put web links in my CV - for the part of my experience?

5.- with oral presentations, if I presented the same thing several times in different places can I just put it in one time and mention, also at: bla bla, date: bla bla - so I save some space on my CV.

6.- If my PTAL hasn't arrived, what can I upload instead? the only thing they are waiting for is the finger prints, the rest is all aproved and they said it may take a few more weeks.

Thanks for your help!!
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* Re:Question about ERAS as an IMG
  parmesh495 - 08/16/17 09:34
  The CV should be around 700 maximum words... you can explain in CV.

you can add the research experience as work experience
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* Re:Question about ERAS as an IMG
  residencyedits - 08/18/17 11:40
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