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* waived or not-waived?
  aapulu - 08/12/17 15:50
  Hi, I asked a university professor to upload a letter of recommendation for me? I have shadowed him once a week in his clinic for a month. first, he told me that -it was best to get an LOR from your medical school professors as they know you well'. he also said that if it helps me in my application he is willing to write. I actually waived that LOR and now I am feeling paranoid regarding- should I have not waived it because it is sure he does not know me well (how much a person know you in 4-5 days). is anybody feeling the same?  
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* Re:waived or not-waived?
  usmleck2018 - 08/12/17 19:04
  Lots of electives are only 3 weeks long. A letter is at least a letter.  
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* Re:waived or not-waived?
  aapulu - 08/13/17 11:52
  @usmleck2018 thank you for your response  
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* Re:waived or not-waived?
  parmesh495 - 08/15/17 07:51
  it should be waived  
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* Re:waived or not-waived?
  masterminds - 08/15/17 11:35
  it should be waived it is more useful  
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* Re:waived or not-waived?
  anaret - 08/18/17 11:44
  you should always waive your LoRs. Unwaived letters can hurt your application.  
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