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* Please Advise
  niketa - 11/06/17 13:39
  Hi All,

Just wanted your advice about my Credentials and chances of Residency.

IMG -YOG-2004
US Citizen
Step 1- 199 (2nd Attempt)
Step 2CK- 203 (2nd Attempt)
Step 2CS-Passed (1st attempt)
ECFMG Certified-2009

Medical Assistant in Dermatology , family Medicine and volunteer experience over 5 years.
Recently went to India and practiced Family Medicine at Corporate setting for 2 years.

Now looking for 2 options and really confused.

1. Look for research opportunities + Step 3 and try for Residency
2. Physician Assistant school.

Thanks for reading my post, looking for advice please...
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* Re:Please Advise
  samii - 11/06/17 13:47
  osteopathic school (DO) in NY is better than PA school.
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* Re:Please Advise
  niketa - 11/06/17 13:49
  Thanks @samii .. I will check that out
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* Re:Please Advise
  niketa - 11/06/17 15:16
  DO school is very expensive..

It's very difficult to give up on Residency Dream ..
As I have recently experienced working as a independent Family Physician in India.

Those attempts in USMLE with low scores and YOG are killing factor.

Would Step 3 help at all?

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* Re:Please Advise
  dariasmo - 11/06/17 20:43
  Hi niketa
I am a little confused. If you were ECFMG certified in 2009, have you already applied for residencies before? if not, I am sorry, but I do not get why you didn't. It seems that your trip to India happened just a couple of years ago, but you have been certified for 8 years!
I realize that attempts and several yog, more than a "killing factor, are red flags to overcome, but passing with a good score the step 3 and having a constant on-hands clinical experience as you described may compensate. In that regards, I really liked this link, it makes sense for me:
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* Re:Please Advise
  niketa - 11/06/17 21:42
  @ dariasmo

Thanks for your reply, yes I applied in 2009, did not match that year.

Later I applied in 2012 with US LOR's-did not match

Went to India 2015-2017, where I practiced FM

I think I will try to do my best in Step 3 and reapply

Thanks for sharing the link dariasmo!
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* Re:Please Advise
  2pac - 11/06/17 22:45
  Niketa Gluck.. I admire your courage. Donít give up  
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* Re:Please Advise
  niketa - 11/06/17 23:06
  Thank you @ 2pac

Good luck to you too
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* Re:Please Advise
  dariasmo - 11/07/17 17:51

the experience of having applied in two different seasons must give you light that something should change. I assume you did not get ivs in both applications, if I am right, definitely the low scores after second attempts may explain why it didn't happen. I doubt you would like to go through again to get better scores, if the 5 years period allows such situation, but that may be a first fix. If it is not the option for you (it wouldn't be for me for sure lol) the only way I know, a program can just give you a chance for iv and/or even rank you for the match is if you have a strong contact influencing the PD (not only just a strong LoR), basically the contact has to talk in your behalf and has of course a power in that department.
If I am wrong, and you got IVs, the situation may be very different. That would prove that there were some programs that did not care for your scores, and you must look at what in your IVs discouraged them. To understand that, look at this official report:
and investigate, considering other sources, carefully why after IVs you were not attractive...
After going through this serious analysis you better may have a more clear mind to take the decision that better fits for you..
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* Re:Please Advise
  masterminds - 11/09/17 11:42
  i would suggest gain research experience and take step 3 this would be helpful for residency.
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* Re:Please Advise
  niketa - 11/12/17 15:38
  @ dariasmo , yes you are right I did not get any interviews both the times.
Once ECFMG certified, I cannot retake USMLE's

I just wanted to know if it is worth doing Step3
Or look for other options- PA? MPH ?

@masterminds, Thanks for giving reading my post and giving a suggestion.

Good Luck to All
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