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* Path to Psychiatry
  pathtopsychiatry - 11/25/17 15:52
  Hi everyone,

I am an IMG, and I recently set up a service that aims to help other IMGs who would like to purse a career in psychiatry in the U.S.:

Good international medical graduates often donít get chosen for psychiatry residency programs in the United States. But now, psychiatry residents at Massachusetts General Hospital are using their own experience to help other international graduates succeed.

They helped launch a program called Path to Psychiatry. This program leverages the experience of international medical graduates who have been through the process. You get a personal consultant who can help you identify and take advantage of your strengths, avoid pitfalls, and prepare in the best way possible to apply to the right psychiatry residency programs for you.

Path to Psychiatry is a three-part program. See all the details here:

Your personal consultant will be an international medical graduate; a current psychiatry resident, psychiatry fellow, or psychiatry attending; trained at highly competitive residency/ fellowship program; and successfully completed the Match into psychiatry as an International Medical Graduate

Take care,
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* Re:Path to Psychiatry
  pathtopsychiatry - 01/10/18 19:37
  Hi everyone,

Just want to make sure y'all are still aware of our program!

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* Re:Path to Psychiatry
  psychiatryaddict - 02/05/18 01:08
  Too expensive:(  
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* Re:Path to Psychiatry
  katemiddleton - 02/05/18 10:06
  Hello pathtopsychiatry,

Can you please tell me if you offer any internships in psychiatry at mgh or mclean hospital for IMGs?
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