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* mph
  optimisticpositive - 12/31/17 18:15
  Does MPH help et into residency?  
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* Re:mph
  optimisticpositive - 12/31/17 18:17
  Does MPH help secure a residency spot? OR Can it help?  
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* Re:mph
  2pac - 01/08/18 11:20
  Iím motnsure but have a back up plan  
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* Re:mph
  2pac - 01/08/18 11:21
  There arenít much jobs for mph!
Itís so difficult

I suggest going to a direct program for a job..
Mgood luck
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* Re:mph
  haytham911 - 01/08/18 11:22
  it helps your application  
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* Re:mph
  kavya@4a1 - 01/11/18 10:15
  Will not have much impact on the residency process, concentrate instead on high scores and usce  
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* Re:mph
  rashmirekhabhuyan - 01/29/18 15:16
  MPH helps. It's a good plan to supplement your application if you have average scores  
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* Re:mph
  march2018 - 01/29/18 17:51
  It doesn't help. Look the NRMP data. You can see that ppl wt MPH did not match in a higher rate than ppl without MPH. Use that time in doing electives or if you have not done research do that instead. Hope it helps! good luck  
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* Re:mph
  2pac - 01/30/18 11:48
  It doesnít help at all..

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* Re:mph
  besiktning - 01/30/18 12:41
  It does help but it's not a guarantee. it's a degree better than a research fellow. I think you should ask when does it help?!
Well definitely after/while you are done/doing with the exams, if you already graduated it fills lots of gaps till you are done with exam and application.
However, priorities are score and year of graduation
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* Re:mph
  optimisticpositive - 02/03/18 15:40
  I am already selected for the MPH Program. I was about to start my semester on January 8th,2018. I dropped my classes on Jan 2nd after I spoke to our family friend MD fro my Country (Pakistan). She told me to not go for it. It won't help at all. She said the same there are not too many jobs available about MPH. She suggested the DO School. So I'll be applying for the DO school this yr.
I am still enrolled at the University.
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