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* Cardio????????
  mounika1980 - 01/03/17 23:13
  A 32 year old had presented to office with complaints of recurrent chest pain .The patient describes pain as a substernal squeezing pressure which occurs during exertion, lasting for 5 minutes and is not relieved by rest.Past,Personal,Family history is unremarkable.Physical examination revealed mildly anxious patient ,no pallor,cyanosis or clubbing.Chest auscultation was normal.There were no Audible murmurs.

B.P= 120/70

An EKG preformed was normal.
CXR= Normal

What is the next best step ?

A Reassurance

B Angiography

C Stress EKG

D Endoscopy
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* Re:Cardio????????
  heartlocker - 01/03/17 23:47
  C Stress EKG

Symptoms s/o Unstable Angina.
Though anxiety could be a d/d which would be a probability after -ve Stress EKG.

A Reassurance if Stress EKG -ve

B For the age with no family history and normal EKG(and without stress EKG results), Angio can be awaited for Stress EKG results.

D Endoscopy --the nature of pain warrants a stress EKG then later we can perform one to rule out GERD/PUD
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* Re:Cardio????????
  qikjon - 01/10/17 21:03
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* Re:Cardio????????
  witchdoctor - 01/10/17 21:15
  she has a low pretest probability of heart disease , less than 10% so I only reassure and no further testing is required  
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* Re:Cardio????????
  witchdoctor - 01/10/17 21:19
  sorry , the question doesn't say if a male or female patient
if female she has low pretest probability of CAD---REASSURANCE
if male he has an intermediate pretest probability of CAD--- stress EKG
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* Re:Cardio????????
  helperimg2014 - 01/11/17 12:30
  I would look at the TIMI score and make a decision. Agree with above answers. In the real world, doing nothing, is like working on a recipe for a lawsuit.  
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