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* Endocrine Q 1?
  mounika1980 - 01/06/17 07:37
  A 28-year-old woman, whose method of contraception is condoms, complains of secondary menorrhea for the past 6 months. She does not “feel pregnant” and an over-the-counter pregnancy test was negative after 3 months. She has noticed a small amount of white discharge from both nipples, although not enough to dampen her undergarments. There are no other symptoms of pituitary insufficiency and no neurologic ymptoms. She takes no prescription medication but used marijuana occasionally during college. On examination, there is evidence of an upper, outer quadrantanopia, most prominent on the right. The pulse is 78 beats per minute and the blood pressure is 102/64 mm Hg. There is expressible white discharge from both breasts. CT scan of the head reveals a 1.5-cm pituitary mass, which distorts the optic chiasm. Laboratory data include the following: morning cortisol 22 mcg/dL (reference range, 10-24 mcg/dL), sodium 140 mEq/L, potassium 3.8 mEq/L, free thyroxine 0.6 ng/dL (reference range, 0.8-1.8 ng/dL), hemoglobin 12.9 g/dL, and
creatinine 1.1 mg/dL. What should you do next?

a. Measure serum prolactin level.
b. Refer her to a neurosurgeon for transsphenoidal surgery.
c. Measure serum thyrotropin (TSH) level.
d. Measure serum insulinlike growth factor 1 (IGF-1) level.
e. Check visual fields.
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* Re:Endocrine Q 1?
  dermat - 01/07/17 14:07
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* Re:Endocrine Q 1?
  hesslid - 01/10/17 16:47
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