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* Failed step 3 again.
  alex_91 - 01/18/17 12:17
  Got a 185 this time, as compared to 6 months ago, which was a 194. I don't know what went wrong. I studied from crush, uworld (80% average), took the UWSA- 231. but I feel like ingesting cyanide. Can anyone give me a prescription?  
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* Re:Failed step 3 again.
  lamonti - 01/18/17 12:23
  Sorry for that buddy! Know your weak points and work on them. Find an sp who might help pointing them for you. You are in my prayers. That's all what I can do for you!  
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* Re:Failed step 3 again.
  drstepup1 - 01/18/17 12:41
  @ alex_91

Sorry to hear that. Hope the rich experiences shared on the forum today helps this time!
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* Re:Failed step 3 again.
  geniculate - 01/18/17 17:54
@alex_91 It must be disheartening and depression to say the least.

What is your conclusion or assessment of scoring lower than your previous score?

Couple of my study partners failed their Step 3 exam several times. They were done with residency, but were not able to move forward.

One of them worked with a tutoring company, it was very expensive, but he had the resources and he finally passed Step 3.

From my personal experience CCS and biostat can significantly improve the score. These two areas are mainly about practice.

You can search for Step 3 tutors and companies on the forum as well as google.

Good luck.

p.s. A tutors can help with test taking strategies, time management, some concepts, but in the end it is up to the individual.
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* Re:Failed step 3 again.
  weafrique - 01/18/17 18:53
  My advice to you is to do something different. Take a course if you haven't. Do something that you have not done in the past. Focus on CCS (and biostats if you can). CCS is key!!!  
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* Re:Failed step 3 again.
  newusmle3 - 01/19/17 08:33
  Hope you make it on your next attempt!  
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* Re:Failed step 3 again.
  lifeofresident - 01/19/17 12:39
  I am sorry to hear that. Step 3 is the toughest exam among all steps and I do not know how the myth came that it is the easiest of all and just need a month or two to pass. Please be advised that you need to study really hard to just pass step 3, forget about scoring high. I failed mine once and was devastated. I was exhausted as I was working long hours and studied for step 3 during the little free time I got.

My advise for you would be to take a break now and do not think about step 3 for atleast 3-4weeks. Then start fresh and this time try to go through the material a little bit deeper than the last time. Try to refine your thought process by questioning yourself why only this test, why cant it be something else or what else are possible conditions that present with this symptoms at this age. Use online resources for better understanding of medical illness and make sure you learn it by heart. Once you see difference in your approach, then start doing uworld questions when ever you get time. If you have 10 minutes, then try doing 6-8 questions or more depending on the length of the questions. Lot of practise will help you ace the exam. I wish you good luck this time!
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* Re:Failed step 3 again.
  drstepup1 - 01/19/17 12:44

Thanks for such helpful information!

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* Re:Failed step 3 again.
  drstepup1 - 01/20/17 16:01

Doc, what are your study plans?

Contact me at when you get the chance.

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* Re:Failed step 3 again.
  drstepup1 - 01/20/17 16:03

I made a mistake with my email address. It's:
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* Re:Failed step 3 again.
  paytoll - 01/21/17 20:57
  Step 3 is the most toughest exam of all the exams you gonna face. I prepared very good than my step 2 ck which i scored in 240s but step3 i was able to pass barely. My friends who are doing residency did well and few failed .Some who score good will post here that doesnt mean its easy go exam. Just do ccs very well its the only saviour and uworld not that helpful but atleast you should be 100 percent. Everybody same as like you in step3,its hit or miss exam. Dont get depressed. CSS should be your mantra.BEST OF LUCK  
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