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* Passed step 3-225
  akada1 - 05/31/17 23:22
  Used UW and revised my step2 Ck personal notes study time 3 months working full time not in residency.
Was scared of the CCS but God proved faithful. Let me know if you have questions.
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* Re:Passed step 3-225
  tklerts - 05/31/17 23:45
  Did you have a lot of basic sciences? If so, what areas should we focus on.

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* Re:Passed step 3-225
  ade733868 - 05/31/17 23:53
  congrats, how were UWSA score and UW average. And were the ccs similar to uworld ccs  
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* Re:Passed step 3-225
  sick99 - 06/01/17 00:11
  @akada1: Congrats! Did you read MTB? and for CCS only UW?  
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* Re:Passed step 3-225
  drmaafo - 06/01/17 08:56

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* Re:Passed step 3-225
  drmaafo - 06/01/17 09:05

I am also scared of CCS. I do forgot some things/steps as I practice the cases.

Let's say a patient has appendicitis. I order general surgery consult, and the program indicates "patient will be scheduled for surgery; continue medical treatment". And then the case ends abruptly.

Assuming on the 2-minute screen, I prep my patient for surgery (I order PT, PTT, TYPE AND CROSS MATCH, ANTIBIOTICS, INTRAVENOUS FLUID, etc), but I forget to type: APPENDECTOMY, will I lose lots of marks?
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* Re:Passed step 3-225
  dilaudid1 - 06/01/17 13:53

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* Re:Passed step 3-225
  workhard11 - 06/01/17 14:58
  Can you please tell me how well you did on ccs compared to mcq?

Congratulations on 225
Plus what did you score on uwsa nbme

God bless you
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* Re:Passed step 3-225
  akada1 - 06/01/17 20:25
  @workhard to be honest with you I did better than I expected on the CCS was almost same performance as the MCQs . But I really messed up my like 5 of my cases So am surprised and glad for the result. NBME 258 UWSA 224

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* Re:Passed step 3-225
  akada1 - 06/01/17 20:31
  @Sick 99 I dint touch MTB I did only UW for the MCQs
@tklerts the basic sciences are really basic You can answer off the bat the main thing for day 1 is to review your biostat and drug ads well.
Generally there are a lot of random questions you cant really read in a book so try and do random searches.
hope this helps
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* Re:Passed step 3-225
  akada1 - 06/01/17 20:39
  @drmaafo if i were you i will try not to forget the final procedure i think its more important than the pre tests but thats my opinion considering its computer graded.
My strategy was to try and use my MCQs to compensate cos I knew my ccs will probably be shaky, i always get anxious of software things no matter how much I prep.
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