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* Passed step 3 second attempt
  oreiada - 06/14/17 15:36
  The 1st time I did it was during pgy2 and it was hard because I had very little time. I thought I could just study a little and do qbank, the average was 57% but it wasn't enough because i never got to study long hours. Uwsa was 199 i thought if I studied 2 extra weeks harder I could make it but I didnt and failed with 187 in November. I applied again immediately I got the score and studied on and off since January with my busy schedule again, only subjects where I was weak. I did uw qbank 3 times, understanding the qs and studying or finding clues on the qs that i made mistakes. I finally got vacation this may and took 2 weeks of it to study 10-14 hrs and did the test may 23-24th. I did uwsa 2 weeks before exam 215, and today I am finally free of USMLE's. The key is consistency and practice css as much as you can. Believe of uwsa, that is the most accurate predictor. Also practice your formulas of biost, and every time you start a block of qs write down like you will do on test day.
for css: learn ER orders and make a list what will you order first and if you are in a office write what will you order. Do that exercise everyday and by the day of the test it will come very helpful. Also 2 weeks before your test make sure you practice at least 5 blocks a day, read each mistake. Practice fred qs twice and alsoe css from fred they are very helpful. I did a couple of mapping css qs, i wish i dinihed all. They are great and most if their cases came on test day but I didnt have ime to finish them all. It is very cheap and they sent you by email your key code to access without the CD. Just email them or google it.

Best of luck, I will probably be late answering, but just remember that if a busy mom of two could make it you also can do it.
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* Re:Passed step 3 second attempt
  littledoc123 - 06/14/17 15:41
  That's scary:( I got 201 in UWSA, still I'm going for test on 20th in a hope that Biostat and CCS would help me in the real test!  
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* Re:Passed step 3 second attempt
  bordts - 06/14/17 16:45
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* Re:Passed step 3 second attempt
  oreiada - 06/14/17 17:31

The second day is what helped me. Second day there is no biost. qs are shorter and between 30's. Make sure you practice css that could save your test and it is about 25% of the exam. Good luck and I think you can pass too.
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* Re:Passed step 3 second attempt
  littledoc123 - 06/14/17 18:27
  Thanks Oreiada. Let's hope for the best!  
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* Re:Passed step 3 second attempt
  bujji2015 - 06/14/17 20:35
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* Re:Passed step 3 second attempt
  gelitino - 06/14/17 21:26
  Orienda congratulations,do uw biostats qs are enough or we need to do yini mini maini mo n select one n go for another qs 😀 Can u please tell me wht kind of qs they ask in first day .  
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* Re:Passed step 3 second attempt
  muller - 06/15/17 03:46
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* Re:Passed step 3 second attempt
  mugla - 06/16/17 00:45
  Congratulations. thank you for all your advice. I search for mapping and found it on amazon and there is this site are they the same?!mapping-ccs/cee5

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* Re:Passed step 3 second attempt
  gursel - 06/16/17 10:16
  mugla@ they are both the same but it is better to get from the web site, it is faster  
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* Re:Passed step 3 second attempt
  mugla - 06/16/17 18:53
  Thank u  
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