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* How to get MD title
  dannyusmle - 06/16/17 18:20
  Hi folks
I an ecfmg certified, passed step 3 . I am now working in a private office as a Family Nurse Practitioner. I am missing my MD title. Am I eligible to have MD title on my name tag?
Thanks for your inputs
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* Re:How to get MD title
  dannyusmle - 06/16/17 22:45
  Any input guys?  
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* Re:How to get MD title
  ranawy8 - 06/19/17 09:39
  How you work nurse practitioner did you go to nursing school?
MD title you get when you evaluate your diploma .
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* Re:How to get MD title
  smahmed11 - 07/06/17 19:31
  Hey dannyusmle,

I am ECFMG certified as well as became a FNP and working as a hospitalist. I always introduce myself as a Nurse Practitioner, though in my white coat I put my credentials MBBS as well with ARNP. Almost 90% of the time everybody call me doctor and I usually don't say I am not a doctor. But when I introduce myself I always introduce them I am a nurse practitioner with hospitalist or IM team. How are you doing by the way as an FNP. How do you like it? Basically there is no difference in work. You can give me your e-mail or Skype if you want to talk more about it.
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* Re:How to get MD title
  bigbang2015 - 07/06/17 22:46
  Hi Dannyusmle and smahmed11,

I'm also ECFMG certificatied and will become a FNP next year. Do you think being a NP will be helpful for your residency applying? Does ECFMG certificate help you find a NP job? Thanks!
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* Re:How to get MD title
  smahmed11 - 07/07/17 18:10
  Definitely, being and ECFMG certified or medical background will help you get a job as an NP easily. Also you may get a better salary. Though there are tremendous demands for NPs. In fact in our hospital also in my department we are looking for NPs but unable to find for quite sometime. If you are an NP there are variety of jobs you can do, working in a primary care clinic, hospitals with variety of specialty team or as a hospitalist. Regarding residency , I think it should help especially if you are working in a family practice clinic you would be doing exact same job as family medicine doc or if you are working as a hospitalist then you would be doing exact same job as any IM residents. I havn't tried for residency since I got ECFMG certification long time ago. Now I trying to take step 3 before I look for any residency.  
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* Re:How to get MD title
  adoniyas - 07/08/17 16:05
  I am also ECFMG certified.can u tell me how I become NP if I will not be successful in residency without going to nursing school or with minimal nursing school requirement.
my email is,or Skype-engidawdessie .or U can post it here.
thank you
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* Re:How to get MD title
  psych09 - 07/08/17 18:34
  Hi Danny usmle,smahmed11and adoniyas.
I am also interested in np route.i will appreciate if you guys help me and guide me about fastest way of becoming NP. I am tired of applying for residency and getting rejected every year.i want to settled down somewhere. Plz guys help me out.
Thanks in advance. My email id is
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* Re:How to get MD title
  smahmed11 - 07/08/17 23:47
To become an NP, you have go through nursing route from beginning to the end. First you have to take pre-requisite courses for nursing such as chemistry, English. Then nursing diploma which does require quite a bit work. Then most NP school will require you to have bachelor in nursing BSN. Very countable few may accept you without having BSN but you have to have bachelor in another fields but they do want to see some BSN courses completed like advanced health assessment course. You need to have good GPA in both Diploma as well as BSN. Afterwards you apply for NP school, for MSN or DNP. Once you finish nursing diploma and BSN, getting into NP school won't be that hard. After you finish MSN you take the national NP board exam and once you pass it you apply for state license and ready to practice. No residency. It's doable but needs little courage and time. And you can do it with everything else. I also worked full time while I did these.
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* Re:How to get MD title
  adoniyas - 07/09/17 11:52
  what I understand is that being ECFMG certified has very little use on the NP route.Am I right?  
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* Re:How to get MD title
  smahmed11 - 07/12/17 02:09
  Correct, there is no use of ECFMG certification in NP route. But having medical degree you may get credit in diploma degree only. For instance I received credit for Anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, microbiology, and pathophysiology. I didn't have to take any of these courses diploma degree. There is no credit in MSN courses where I basically had to repeat all the medical courses.  
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