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* This pt is at greatest risk for
  vuyyuru - 06/17/17 09:38
  A 44years old man with metastatic liver cancer requires a central line for total parenteral nutrition. the patient was otherwise healthy until 3 months ago at which time he was diagnosed with liver cancer. A subsequuent workup for metastatic disease disclosed that the tumor had already spread to his lungs, abdominal viscera, and brain. He is scheduled to begin chemotherapy and radiation therapy and will require nutritional support. The pt is given informed consent and details of the procedure are discussed with him. a decision is made for a right subclavian line. the pt is positioned, prepped, and draped in a sterile manner and the skin is anesthetized with 1% iidocain. During the procedure, the guidewire slips from your fingers and disappears through the lumen of the catheter.
This pt is at greatest risk for

A) Atrial-Septal perforation

B) Cardiac arrhythmia

C) Pneumothorax

D) Tricuspid Valve damage

E) Ventricular perforation.
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