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* Self Made Question-15
  sweety_usmle - 07/07/17 08:49
  A 33 y/o female came to your office with complains of shortness of breath and fever. She also had a lower abdominal pain that started suddenly 24 hours back. She denies having vomiting, diarrhea or vaginal discharge. Her LMP was 2 weeks back. Her previous medical history shows she has been treated for annvolution with HCG. Her vital are BP: 110/70 mm of Hg, T: 101F, RR 20, P:110 bpm. There is a left quadrant pain and tenderness with no guarding and rebound tenderness but marked fullness of flanks and shifting dullness was noted. All these symptoms started as bloating, uneasiness, weight gain, increased thirst and progressed to shortness of breath. On Chest X-ray Bilateral Pleural effusion could be seen. Her lab values are pending. Which of the following option could be her medical condition at the best?

A. Ectopic Pregnancy
B. Leiomyoma
C. Mittelschmerz
E Violing string
F. Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome
G. Meigs Syndrome
H. Ovarian Torsion
I. Pyelonephtitis
D. Vasopressin Test
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* Re:Self Made Question-15
  cardio69 - 07/07/17 17:44
  Hello, sweety! Hope u are well & dandy.

Why ppl sleep on your nice Qs:(

I think shower of hCG may tickle VEGF & Ang II that u see pic like here:)
Thank you for nice Qs.
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* Re:Self Made Question-15
  sweety_usmle - 07/07/17 18:00
  @cardio: I am trying to be well (Rhinovirus attacked me recently)
And no comment on your question lol
and yeah maybe that's (hCG) be the reason :)

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* Re:Self Made Question-15
  sweety_usmle - 07/11/17 07:54
  @cardio: You seem to busy these days. Hope everything is well and good.  
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* Re:Self Made Question-15
  cardio69 - 07/13/17 18:07
  Hello, Sweety! Yes:) hope your prep going well.

Stop imagining a single for the path to success for your life. Keep your goals in mind and seek alternatives around barriers.
- Dr. Steven R Daugherty
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