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* Step 3 I did it! Doamne ajuta!
  16md - 07/08/17 10:01
  ccs cases were from a wide range: from a child with vaccination catch up at 5 years old, stroke, DKA, spousal abuse, colon cancer, bacterial vaginosis, DVT, irritable bowel sd., osteoarthritis, acute mania in bipolar case.
I have started preparation with Conrad Fischer materials which i find it so entertaining and easy to remember in a stressful exam atmosphere. As Qbank I have used the Kaplan and UWorld. UWorld was completely disappointment! The questions are so few similar to the actual exam cases. Is a waste of money!!! UWorld had in STEP 3 questions like where you place your stethoscope on the chest to listen to the mitral valve..and so forth, and sadly the bulk of questions are so outdated. Even the answers are so wrong, i had to make notes to myself all the time to pick the right answer from my own materials, since they misguide you with answers from 2009 medical books( sadly treatments and labs that are nonexistent here in US anymore, out of market) and most studies they reference are from 1998, 1993!!! In statistics most of preparation materials are only the calculation formulas which in exam are only few, most stat are interpretation not covered at all by UWorld. The main help was from Kaplan materials. Except with cardiac and lung chapters ( which are long monologues and boring as hell so i sugest find other resources) they cover most of the questions I received in the second part of the exam. The first day was general knowledge of physio pathology, mechanism of action and epidemiology. Sharpen up your step 1 questions because they are back!
If interested in more details let me know.
Doamne ajuta!
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* Re:Step 3 I did it! Doamne ajuta!
  christian71 - 07/08/17 17:05
  what about statistical questions? You mention there were only few calculations , so what should I prepare for/from? Thanks  
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* Re:Step 3 I did it! Doamne ajuta!
  16md - 07/09/17 00:01
  @christian 71
As i mentioned earlier, I found Dr. Steven Daugherty's explanations fantastic. Easy to grasp every subject and he pretty much covers the main subjects in the kaplan materials.

Here is a free but old link for some of his lessons.

and if you notice on the right column there are more of them.

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* Re:Step 3 I did it! Doamne ajuta!
  starboy - 07/09/17 03:03
  Hey congrats!

How was the speed of ccs software as compared to UW software?
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* Re:Step 3 I did it! Doamne ajuta!
  16md - 07/09/17 10:22
  Thank you starboy!
The exam is offering enough time to make all the necessary steps. I focused mostly on stabilizing the patient ( if an emergency case), admin treatments and ordering tests not only to confirm my main diagnosis ( which was obvious in most cases) but to expand on the lab/tests for differential diagnosis as well. I noticed a lot of candidates keep asking for consults which they are accepted only at the end, system asking you to continue to take care of the patient, so imagine yourself in real life what would you do and make the same steps in the exam.
To answer direct to your question would be a mistake that I would not make, because I already posted on some dislike comments about Uworld on step one forum and it started a whole chain of unpleasant arguments. Bottom line UWorld is a waste of time and money- at least from my experience and is not worth detailing the reasons.
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* Re:Step 3 I did it! Doamne ajuta!
  zenyus - 07/11/17 11:15
  Hello and congratulations. What Conrad Fischer materials did you use? Thanks  
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* Re:Step 3 I did it! Doamne ajuta!
  jellybean123 - 07/11/17 22:00
  child with vaccination catch up at 5 years old.How did you complete this case.  
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* Re:Step 3 I did it! Doamne ajuta!
  rossy17 - 07/13/17 11:24
  Hi 16md,

Congrats on rocking the last beast!!! :)
I agree about Daugherty for Biostat, I really don't like MTB videos for this subjects, Daugherty makes a great job on this subject.
So, from your review you don't recommend UW at all? What about Biostat qs? not even that?
So you think doing Kaplan qbank is much better than UW, what about RX?
I would really appreciate your advice :)

God bless you and Good luck with the rest of your journey Doc :)
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* Re:Step 3 I did it! Doamne ajuta!
  mansa - 07/19/17 23:43
  I have a similar opinion about UW as they do not seem to be reflecting the frequently asked concepts well. Not even coming close to NBME. But there's not a lot of choice, Kaplan is worse.
I am doing UW, some family practice questiosn and Archer questions. Archer is very good but I do not find answers to all questions on their free blog and I enquired, they do not sell their Qbank yet.
Not much choice - if you did UW, Kaplan and more questions you can, you will gain most concepts.
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* Re:Step 3 I did it! Doamne ajuta!
  frontallobe - 07/21/17 17:12
  Hey Congrats!! How long did you study for it?  
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* Re:Step 3 I did it! Doamne ajuta!
  16md - 07/26/17 00:20
  rossy, and all
sorry for a late response, life stuff...mainly enjoying a well deserved vacation...hehe
As i mentioned on my exam i got just 4 to 6 questions in which i had to "calculate
" and UW uses examples only in that area, so please, if you wanna rock stat use other materials. Maybe other participants got more questions like that, but i didn't. Is more interpretations, and mostly drug adds. If interested I'll look up and give you more details ( now that I'm back).
As for the other subjects....forget about UW, format is wrong, and most of the diagnostic labs are from the other century....
truth of a matter, Kaplan is the perfect manual to score on the exam. Most of my questions were "ad literam' from kaplan, no kidding. I you want me to send you specifics give me your email address.
good luck
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