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* littledoc123
  jaffer - 07/26/17 07:40
  Congratulations for passing the exam. Please guide us for step 3 preparation materials and duration from your own experience.  
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* Re:littledoc123
  littledoc123 - 07/26/17 14:26
  Well I may not be the ideal person out there for step 3 advice, but still as you asked me, so Iíll be giving my views

* 3-4 months are required to score good, as per my opinion.
* Donít pay attention to UWSA, you are just require to pass it.
* Doing more Qs will certainly help.
* Whenever in doubt, select simplest & least invasive option. Remember the KISS [ Keep It Simple, Stupid] principle.
* Read first & last line of Qs carefully, you can just skim through rest of the middle part..many a times u will arrive at the answer and avoid drudging through distracting information
* For drug ad & abstract, first read what is it aboutó> then read Q ó> result section.
* Donít waste time on difficult Qs as even if you give more time, you might end up answering wrong & u donít want to loose points on last Qs which might be lot easier.
* Always do Qs on time mode; time management is the key to success.
* MTB helped me a lot.
* Donít take a gap for a week like I did, I scored more on Day 1 MCQs.
* Day 2 MCQs were more like CK and day 1 like step 1!
* If you want to do something from step 1, read drug mechanisms particularly receptor action.
* Ethics Qs were similar to Conrad 100 cases.
* Just see this video for pt safety Qs: USMLE Step 1: Quality and Safety - YouTube
* I made notes from Kaplan Q bank and CCS, didnít get time to make UWorld notes.
* Mapping CCS is good.
* I could revise only educational objectives from incorrect Qs but if time permits read educational objectives from all Qs.
* Kaplan Q bank can be a good way to start, if you are far from other USMLEs.
* UWorld biostat helped me a lot.
* Practice biostat Qs from other Q banks, just learn the concept..calculation is not so important.
* Donít take breaks once you start your preparation.
* Making a journal and reporting there (however ridiculous it may seem) helps you & others preparing for the test :) :)

Thatís all I can remember as of now. If you have any other Qs, you can ask me.
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* Re:littledoc123
  mousmle - 07/26/17 20:19
  congrats lil doc... enjoy ur success. How was ur NBME scores.
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* Re:littledoc123
  hanya - 07/26/17 22:12
  Congratulations. where can I get mapping from?  
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* Re:littledoc123
  guney - 07/26/17 22:19
  @littledoc123 congratulations. good luck in the match  
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* Re:littledoc123
  littledoc123 - 07/26/17 23:55
  @hanya-- If you can leave your email ID, I can contact you.  
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* Re:littledoc123
  littledoc123 - 07/26/17 23:57
  @guney--I'm not applying for match.  
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* Re:littledoc123
  littledoc123 - 07/27/17 00:29
  @mousmle-- I didn't give NBME. I just gave UWSA.  
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* Re:littledoc123
  littledoc123 - 07/27/17 00:40  
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* Re:littledoc123
  ktrina - 07/27/17 11:44
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* Re:littledoc123
  littledoc123 - 07/27/17 15:37
  Thank you all..  
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