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* Multiple usmle step 3 attempts
  usmlestep3help - 10/30/17 23:48
  I need help really badly. I have not been able to clear my USMLE step 3 now on my 4th attempt. On this attempt I thought I had prepared well as I scored 215 on UW self assessment 10 days prior to my exam date. Had not given NBME. But got 189 in actual exam. On prior exams my score were similar 187,186, 188. Scored very low in the biostatistics and ethics section on actual exam. I had done Uworld bank 2 times, MTB 2 Times, archer review course twice and Kaplan Q bank for step 3. I am just not able to understand the question stem what they are asking in question for biostatistics / drug ad on the actual exam. I am also in my residency now with very busy schedule, but I need to pass the exam this time to stay in the residency program . Please advise what will be the best way for me to proceed this time. I know I am asking a lot of questions but I really need help. Thanks.  
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* Re:Multiple usmle step 3 attempts
  2pac - 10/31/17 12:21
  Hey donít get down on yourself. We all have huge hurdles. Was your ccs score above the middle part?
As biostats get a the brs book. Read it and understand the concept behind each point. Donít just memorize it
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* Re:Multiple usmle step 3 attempts
  lispor87 - 10/31/17 12:59

I just took the step 3 test on Oct 3-4 and passed-barely (201). The reason being borderline CCS and low performance in Biostats/epidemiology. If you can work on those areas then you will do well on this test. I am sure you must be averaging well in the mcq section, seeing your above preparation. This is a vague test but doable if you prepare for it appropriately. Hope this helps. All the best :)
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* Re:Multiple usmle step 3 attempts
  usmlestep3help - 10/31/17 13:57
  @2pac: Thanks for the reply. My CCS score was above the middle part with slight overlap over the borderline performance bar.
@ lispor87 : Thanks for the reply.
My MCQ section on day 1 was below the borderline performance bar and on day 2 slightly overlapping the borderline graph. Its been 4 years since I gave my Step 2CK.
Do you think I should do step 2 CK medicine portion again or take a review course for step 3 ?
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* Re:Multiple usmle step 3 attempts
  lispor87 - 10/31/17 15:41

Based on what I have read on prior threads, UW step 2ck could help. A live or online review course (kaplan etc) would be beneficial and if the price is not an issue for you.

I understand your situation as I took my step 2ck in May 2013. Took this test as a PGY-4 radiology resident in Oct 3-4. But studied hard for 2 months (only UW with MTB for OB/GYN+pedes+psych). In short, it is not impossible to pass this test. May be try a different strategy. Extra effort for CCS, biostats/ethics/epidemiology. I honestly think this should be adequate.

If anyone has a different opinion please do post. This forum helped me a lot during my prep. Thanks.
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* Re:Multiple usmle step 3 attempts
  csinatl - 10/31/17 16:07
can I email you need to ask few questions, my exam is in end of november. what is your email?..thnx
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* Re:Multiple usmle step 3 attempts
  2pac - 10/31/17 16:20
  Usmlestep3 get in touch with me. I really feel bad and Iíll give you resources that can help you study. what is your skype

You need to relearn ck. Itís essential I suggest to study ck uw beforngoong to uw 3
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* Re:Multiple usmle step 3 attempts
  2pac - 10/31/17 16:21
  Lispor thanks for your suggestion

This is a horrible situstion, this person is so close
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* Re:Multiple usmle step 3 attempts
  2pac - 10/31/17 16:22
  Lispor what was your ccs? Above the middle part or barely above.  
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* Re:Multiple usmle step 3 attempts
  usmlestep3help - 10/31/17 21:08
  @lispor87: thanks for your advise. I think I will go over step 2 CK U world ques. again. Also the online/live course do you suggest step 2 or step 3 ? I am ready to do whatever it takes to clear it now.
@2pac : It would really help to have any resources suggestions from you that can help me clear the exam.
My email is
Thanks again.
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* Re:Multiple usmle step 3 attempts
  tklerts - 11/01/17 01:03
  Agree with others. Having the same score over multiple attempts might mean you need to improve basic knowledge for Step 2 CK. Use NBME and UW standardized assessment exams for Step 2 to see where you stand, then go over UW Step 3.

Know how to manage the diseases that show up in each question. Questions writers can change things up and you have to be able to answer accordingly. Dont memorize answers and think they might ask the same question, but think that a question about that same disease will show up but they will ask you in a different way. So, you really have to understand the management of conditions that show up in questions ad by understand, I mean you should be able to answer any question thrown at you, whether it be ulcerative colitis or Stevens Johnson syndrome.

How did you do in the "Diagnosis" part of Step 3. This would have to do with Step 2 CK knowledge. If you arent solid at diagnosing diseases, you sure wont be able to manage the disease.

MOST IMPORTANT, is that you have to aim to get higher performance on CCS. You failed by 7 points which you can attain if you do well on CCS on your next attempt. Believe me everyone talks about how much CCS can boost your score. CCS is easier to study for as well if you just need to pass. You enter orders even though you may not know the reason to enter the order, you get points for it.

Im guessing if you put all your effort in CCS you will pass next attempt. You mentioned the bar passed over the borderline shaded area. Next time get that bar to the far right as possible with a star to the right. You will definitely pass. Doing well on MCQs is easier if youve done well on Step 2. If you didnt do well on Step 2 or its been a while, your MCQs performance will be low, so you would have to relearn everything over again, which will be a pain in the ass.

In short, CCS is easier to do well on than the MCQs. You just need 7 points which can be achieved by acing CCS. Focus on what others have mentioned including UW (MOST IMPORTANT), then Archer CCS. You can add on Crush CCS or if you have time. But you have to master UW CCS and make sure you get the sequence of orders down which is described for each case. Also know how to monitor patients complaints as well. Monitoring is important for this exam as Dr Red from Archer mentioned.

Good luck you will pass if you do well on CCS for sure. You will get more bang for your buck with a good CCS score. Focus on your weak subjects for MCQs first.
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