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* help with biostats..
  drangel2014 - 11/03/17 00:45
  plz plz someone explain me the difference between in easy words ...

Attributable risk?

absolute risk reduction?

Relative risk reduction??

Relative risk??

Odds ratio?

it would help me alot!! thx

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* Re:help with biostats..
  drangel2014 - 11/03/17 14:34
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* Re:help with biostats..
  lamonti - 11/03/17 20:36
  Attributable risk AR = absolute risk reduction ARR = how many less cases = incidence in exposed - incidence in non exposed

Relative risk RR = how much more likely = incidence in exposed/incidence in non-exposed

Relative risk reduction RRR = = 1- RR = IE-INE/INE = % of events where prevented by certain exposure

The odds ratio is frequently used to describe case-control studies, while RR describes cohort studies.
The odds ratio, like case-control studies, looks first at disease then at risk (giving the odds that a person with a certain disease would have been exposed to the risk).
Relative risk is different, and like cohort studies, first looks at risk, then disease (giving the relative risk of developing a disease given exposure to a risk factor).

Hope it helps
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