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* Uword
  sala3333 - 11/09/17 02:25
I would like to subscribe again in Uword and ccs step 3 again. Are they the same 1500 questions and the same 50 interactive ccs and the difference only in the period of the subscription ( period before it expires )
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* Re:Uword
  sala3333 - 11/09/17 02:32
  I did step 3 in October for the first time only 7 days real preparation time before the exam and failed it with score 193. My problem was time management I lost 2 to 4 questions in every blocks in 2 days. And the biostatistics score was the lowest of all. So can you give me suggestions how to pass. I am old graduate anesthesiologist with little time for preparing because of my work. I am so thankful to your suggestions.  
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* Re:Uword
  lispor87 - 11/16/17 13:04

How did you score on the CCS portion? 193 is not too far off from the passing score/196. I got a low score (201) because I did not work on CSS and biostats/epidemiology. Day-2 mcq's saved me. I would recommend stressing on CCS (UW) and biostats (separate Q bank for biostats). Understand the formula/concepts so you can answer any question thrown at you.


Let me know if you have any questions. All the best.

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