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* Passed Step 3!
  blacksheep - 11/29/17 00:49
  Got my result few minutes ago, and I passed step 3 with a score of 203.

UWSA-182 4 days before exam

UWorld finished 70%
I did not have time to do even a single read of MTB or any other book. After seeing my UWSA score, I knew I could do better on exam day. MY step 2 was back in 2014 so there was quite a knowledge gap too.

Same happened with step 2 practice test. In nbme and uwsa, I was failing all of them 1-2 weeks before the test but I scored a 230.

I think all that matters is prayers, believing in yourself that you can do it!.

css cases in real exam were way easier than uworld cases. I bought archer cases but never got to view them due to only 1 week of studying. I think just going over uworldstep 3, 50 css interactive cases are enough.
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* Re:Passed Step 3!
  blacksheep - 11/29/17 01:00
  biostats-dont even worry about studying for this section as no matter what you study, you'll end up getting the question wrong. the key is to get the rest of the questions right so spend more time on them. Come to these biostats questions the last if u have time. My strategy was clicking on choice b or c. biostats question on day 1 were about 7-9 in each block which was pathetic.

Day 1-I came out of test day feeling horrible but heard that day 2 bcqs are easier and those can pull up points.

css cases. writing diagnosis for the cases does not get you any points. I never wrote for any. all cases ended quickly especially 20minutes one when i was putting the orders in and i did not have the time to forward the clock to see how patient was doing but only in 3 cases.
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* Re:Passed Step 3!
  2pac - 11/29/17 04:10
  Can you tell us your ccs scale on your score sheet  
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* Re:Passed Step 3!
  tklerts - 11/29/17 07:25
  Disagree. Study for biostats. It'll take a lot of practice but you can actually study for it and get points. You will see a fair amount of biostats on day 1 and if you are unprepared for it you will be miserable because your getting nailed with a bunch of biostats questions you wish you had studied for. I would leave the abstracts for the end since they take some time to look for the answer. Don't get discouraged by the big abstract with all the graphs and text. Just read the question first then scan the abstract looking for your answer. Most of the time the question isn't hard you have to be able to interpret the graph or find your answer in the small print or text.  
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* Re:Passed Step 3!
  2pac - 11/29/17 07:59
  Tk are you taking the exam soon or taken it?
Biostats takes time but itís bettet to start soon on it.
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* Re:Passed Step 3!
  tklerts - 11/29/17 09:39
  I took it already  
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* Re:Passed Step 3!
  2pac - 11/29/17 10:15
  congrats tk.. can you share your experience to us?? esp for people who can't pass this in residency =(  
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* Re:Passed Step 3!
  2pac - 11/29/17 10:56
  tk did you find ccs software on real exam just as SLOW as the FRED nbme. Omg the fred nbme is so slow.... if you do the dka case it takes forever  
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* Re:Passed Step 3!
  ib1983 - 12/06/17 14:01
  Hi on 2nd day how is exam layed? is it ccs cases first then mcqs or mcqs first and then all CCS  
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* Re:Passed Step 3!
  2pac - 12/06/17 14:54
  K can you help us  
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* Re:Passed Step 3!
  2pac - 12/06/17 14:54
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