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* please advice
  needtopass3 - 12/04/17 18:20
  just completed uword ~60% ave (tutorial mode...scoring b/n 40s to 70s with overall average 60%) today
working on CCS now.... how long does it take to prepare for CCS (1 week enough?)... plan to take exam end of this month...

any advice on CCS thx
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* Re:please advice
  2pac - 12/05/17 11:27
  ccs 1 week? no..

start it now. there's more to it, its being comfortable with the program
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* Re:please advice
  2pac - 12/05/17 11:30
  best to combine ccs topics with your topics on uw..

i do ccs along with uw blocks.

why? Helps to put things together

for example ulcerative case i learn from ccs then go back to mtb 3 and learn it again

repeat repeat till your brain gives up
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* Re:please advice
  2pac - 12/05/17 11:32
  you don't give just mesalmine(topical) to the patient in the office you give loperamide and dicycloine

you don't do colonoscopy right away because you want it to cool down. do sigmoidoscopy in the office instead. (archer)

you don't give steroids right away, wait till they come back in the office. if they don't get better and still having pain give steroids..

little things! it's crazy but these points do count..

monitor with ESR too1!!!!
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* Re:please advice
  needtopass3 - 12/05/17 11:48
  yes! you are right and thank you very much

just did about 20+ ccs cases and i keep missing small details... (like ordering everything on the 1st encounter: colonoscopy steroids, melamine,....).

taking exam end of this month i got 20 days to go :(

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* Re:please advice
  2pac - 12/05/17 11:58
  Iím trying to take it down this month. Letís help each other by posting any notes
Sickle cell fever? Which ab? Levo and ceftriaxone

Emperics for septic and bacterial meningitis ? Vc vanco ceftriaxone
Endocarditis? Vanco genta
Also before any surgery give? Amp sulbactam

Dicloxacillin cephalexin amoxicillin clavunate
Naf or oxacillin amp sul(iv form) for fever hypotension
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* Re:please advice
  2pac - 12/05/17 12:01
  Best initial tx for paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria? Steroid
Transfusion dependent? Eculizimab (give meninogoccus vaccination)
(Listened to mtb 3)

When to do exchange transfusion? Retinal pul infarction , priapism , stroke
Thatís why itís good to order chest X-ray and blood cultures in sickle cell
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* Re:please advice
  2pac - 12/05/17 12:02
  Read it then write notes then type it. It helps

Please post if any. Iíll do my best to help too.

All bless
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* Re:please advice
  2pac - 12/05/17 12:03
  Dka you need to know fluids and when to transition insulin. FRED ccs case and uw handout its good  
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* Re:please advice
  needtopass3 - 12/05/17 12:14
  when are u planing to take UW self assessment? and are u also planing to take any of the NBME assessments?
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* Re:please advice
  2pac - 12/05/17 12:15
  Take it soon , yeah you need to. I took uw and it was hard really hard. But itís good to see regardless. Taking Nbme soon  
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