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  donewithu - 12/11/17 21:24
  Just wanted to help someone else since I'm now officially done with these exams.

Step 3 test is structured to cover every level of medical education from basic science to residency training. Day 1 tests you heavily on step 1 (Basic science) material. Day 2 part 1 tests you on Step 2 CK. Day 2 part 2 tests you on Step 2 CS but with the added requirement to manage your patient instead of just listing the differentials like you did in Step 2 CS. Day 2 part 2 tests your ability to come up with your differentials and then proceed to order tests to arrive at your diagnosis and also manage your patient efficiently ALL BY YOURSELF since you're now the MD.

So, for Day 1: Review your basic science - MOA of medications, biostatistics and research abstracts (this has been said over and over), and ofcourse, know the pathophysiology of diseases. It's called FIP for a reason. Just know one thing for sure: You will have a tough day but keep your cool and take every block as new. Don't let the struggles of the previous block affect your mind on the next block. Important!!

Day 2: Review your Step 2 CK note. Do UWorld Q-bank till you're scoring above 65% consistently. Read MTB 3 for review after you're done studying your core materials. This should be an easier day for everyone who has made it to this stage of medical education/training.

Finally, CCS: I tried EVERY material out there. Uworld CCS is good. Archer is good. Crush CCS is good. For sure, the practice cases released by the NBME on their Fred V2 software are good. Here's the million dollar Q: How do you know if you're doing well or not? None of these actually SCORES your activities. None! I was lucky to find a software that actually SCORES what you do and tells you what is needed. This was the ONLY thing that helped me pass CCS. I'm sure not a lot of people know this because they just produced the software this year 2017. It is dirt cheap as well and you only pay for it once a year! I personally feel it's too cheap for its worth..and the scariest part: it's the exact software on the real test. Now, before someone thinks I am trying to advertise a product - look through this forum - you will NOT see any posts from me. I just wanted to help someone - who ever this is meant for. You may or may not pass CCS with UW CCS software, may or may not pass with the NBME Fred V2 practice material, may or may not pass with Crush CCS but if you PRACTICE and MASTER this new software, you will definitely ace CCS, and if you do well on CCS, you will very likely pass step 3 as long as you do ok (not great) on the MCQs.

I have not mentioned the name of the software here so no-one thinks I'm advertising. If this interests you, I'll email you the name of the software if I have your email. I forgot to mention: On day 1: Skip the Biostat/abstracts till you're done with the "real medicine" questions. Important!!

That is my little contribution. Good luck to you all. Namaste.
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* Re:Step 3 KEY
  hakeemaru - 12/12/17 22:00
  hi my email is thats for the tip. can you forward me any useful resources you have over my email address. thanks  
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* Re:Step 3 KEY
  donewithu - 12/13/17 20:02
  @ hakeemaru: I sent you an email. Good luck!  
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* Re:Step 3 KEY
  2pac - 12/13/17 20:10
  first aid new one is egood  
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* Re:Step 3 KEY
  2pac - 12/13/17 20:10
  has mechanism for each drug  
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* Re:Step 3 KEY
  2pac - 12/13/17 20:27
  did you uw 1 for pharm??

i hate reading i like questoins more
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* Re:Step 3 KEY
  massachusset79 - 12/13/17 20:30
  here is my email:  
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* Re:Step 3 KEY
  donewithu - 12/13/17 22:27
  @massachusset79: check your email in a few.

How step 3 is scored: CCS is 25%, Day 1 MCQ 40% and Day 2 MCQ about 35%. Later I'll break the exam down in detail to show you how doing well on CCS can help you score over 200 on that exam, easily.
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* Re:Step 3 KEY
  donewithu - 12/14/17 12:43
  @ massachusset79: I emailed you. Sorry for the delay. Good luck!  
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* Re:Step 3 KEY
  sakky24 - 12/14/17 21:44
  here is my email:  
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* Re:Step 3 KEY
  mtreddy - 12/14/17 22:13
  I am right now using this software it is called
it is very nice and I think only alternative and definitely software wise better than Uworld.
but the issue is with content, even though they score you, they miss several things.
I would do pulse oximetry but it will say I did not order it.
they have several different ways to order similar tests, for example you can say complete urinalysis and also say urinalysis. even though they accept either one as your order, they still mark you incorrect because their software will recognize only one of them.
unlike Uworld , they want you to complete physical in all cases, the worst part is they include rectal in comple P/E, now will you do rectal in a patient with active MI ? or Acute exacerbation of COPD?

anyways all in all if you ignore those mistakes and use common sense in recognizing the issues in scoring, the software is real fun, it is a happy break from mundane question bank and Uworld CCS cases.

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