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* Passed !!
  neuro575 - 12/20/17 22:55
PGY2 Neuro.
Passed first attempt. Score 221.
NBME: 370. 10 days prior to exam.
UW Self assessment : 210. 1 week prior to exam:
Studied for 3 months during the beginning of a busy PGY2. Took one week off prior to exam.
UW 1st time 55%; repeated the wrong questions. Reviewed flash cards that I have created during my review. I think it is very useful when you review your answers to save the high yield facts on flash card and review them after. This is a feature in UW that no one talk about but I felt it was useful to me and help re-enforcing high yield facts.
UW CSS 41 cases; did them 2 times with notes. Repeated the imported cases the night before day 2.
For statistic I gave up on the complicated questions and drug advertisement. Just reviewed Dr. Randy Neil 2 videos on youtube (highly recommended) to refresh my memory on the basic. A lot of question on bias on the real exam. Basic statistic question are almost half of the whole statistic questions. If you got those it is more than enough.

It is tough exam but if you prepare reasonably well, you well pass.

Good luck for all. And As usual bye bye USMLE !!!!!!!!!!

### For Sale: I have a UW subscription Q bank plus CCS. Will expire on 3/27/17. You can't reset the questions but you can practice by subjects. It also includes my flash cards 565 cards. I am flexible for the price. Contact me if u are interested.
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* Re:Passed !!
  2pac - 12/20/17 23:54
  Any basic science  
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* Re:Passed !!
  2pac - 12/21/17 10:27
  Any fa step 1 topics  
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* Re:Passed !!
  2pac - 12/21/17 13:23
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* Re:Passed !!
  neuro575 - 12/21/17 19:31
  Fro 2 Pac. There is some basic science in the first day. It is mainly pathophysiology and statistics very little micro. Those are in the first day. I do not think it is a big deal. I did not specifically studied basic science or step1 stuff except for the statistic videos I specified above. The real exam has more pathophysiology than UW for sure. So keep that in mind.

I entered step 3 with an intention just to pass safely.

Good luck
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* Re:Passed !!
  2pac - 12/21/17 20:26
  Thank you!  
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* Re:Passed !!
  workhard11 - 01/05/18 13:17
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* Re:Passed !!
  workhard11 - 01/06/18 15:02
  Need to pass look  
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* Re:Passed !!
  workhard11 - 01/07/18 14:23
  Need to pass look  
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* Re:Passed !!
  workhard11 - 01/07/18 19:58
  Need to pass see  
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* Re:Passed !!
  skin_1975 - 01/08/18 17:26
  any source for pathophysiology ???  
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