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* TOP 3 ACP manufacturer in China
  zhouchunzi - 02/16/17 03:51
  Shandong Jiyu Building Materials Co., Ltd located in the north of China, Near Qingdao Port, Focus on Exterior wall PVDF coated panel and interior wall PE coated panel more than 20 years, Our top quality and popular brand KINGALUC aluminum composite panel sales to more than 40 countries.


I want to buy ACP Panels . the site is right?

can i believe ?
please tell me
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* Re:TOP 3 ACP manufacturer in China
  kingzcq - 05/10/17 01:07
You are right, this factory is indeed the first three in China, there is a report:

, it is worth you believe it
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* Re:TOP 3 ACP manufacturer in China
  kingzcq - 07/27/17 03:02
  In essentiality aluminum composite panel is considered a flat panel which is composed of three layers that combine together to form an aluminum composite panel. The layers itself can be divided into two categories, firstly the internal layer which is actually the core of the entire structure is made up of Polyethylene and this core makes nearly the entire portion of the aluminum composite panel.
This kingaluc, is the world's top three ACP factory, really good,this:
You can refer to it
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* Re:TOP 3 ACP manufacturer in China
  kingzcq - 07/27/17 03:10
  The core basically acts as a bonding agent where the two other layers which are made from aluminum are attached. These two aluminum layers or sheets are light weight and during the manufacturing process they are bonded on to the polyethylene core. When these three layers form a single it is almost impossible to break the bond and separate them. Aluminum composite panels are a great way to offer something that is quite unique and can be used in diverse ways especially in architecture. Its features are such that they provide flexibility, formability, compactness and stability which make it a great product which can be used in forming complex elements when it comes to designing.
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