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* Indian female looking for a male LP (life partner)
  residencyaspirate - 06/14/17 13:18
  Indian female looking for a male LP (life partner), who is also sailing in the same boat (residency hunt)

First of all, I apologize for taking your precious time to read my post.

I am done with all the USMLE steps and hoping to get matched. Career is my first priority in my life. USMLE was a long journey for me. I wanted to be done with USMLE before getting married. I feel it is better to go for someone who is also sailing in the same boat, so they can understand my journey and my career goals and my priorities better.

My purpose of marriage is to grow together personally and professionally, so, I prefer someone in the same profession and like-minded, so, we can help each other and grow together and can manage professional and personal life without letting one aspect of life interfere with the other, so, I feel this forum is the best place as I can't find better place than USMLE forum to find people that are in the same stage of life as me.
Even one of us get into residency, we can try for other in the same program, again it will be a great motivation to work hard during residency since you should be a very good resident in the program to secure a spot for your spouse.

I request contacts from only matured, sincere persons... please don't try to time pass as we don't have time for all such nonsense, we need to put our sincere efforts towards our goal of residency. Looking for sincere, old graduates aged at least above 35 and must be NEVER MARRIED.

skype: residency aspirate.

Thank you.
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