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* Medical scribe needed
  nadia_86_82 - 07/02/17 10:54

I need an online medical scrib to help dictate template and medical charts ASAP. If you are interested in this opportunity, please put your information below, and I will contact you. Candidate has to have passed the USMLE as a sign of medical competence.

Thank you.
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* Re:Medical scribe needed
  suhaib - 07/02/17 11:34
  I am an international medical graduate who passed all the USMLE exams and ECFMG certified. I have a scribe experience and I am able to work as I have a work permit. my email is

Mhd Suhaib Alayoubi
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* Re:Medical scribe needed
  nadia_86_82 - 07/02/17 11:51
  check your email. thank you  
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* Re:Medical scribe needed
  hamadis - 07/02/17 19:39
  Hello. I am also available immediately and have complet d all
My steps. My email is Please consider me if you need more people or if someone drops out. Thanks.
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* Re:Medical scribe needed
  nadia_86_82 - 07/02/17 21:53
  The position is still open .... please check your email. Thanks
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* Re:Medical scribe needed
  abdurrehman112 - 07/04/17 17:47
  Hello, I am ECFMG certified and would require more information about this opportunity if it is still open.
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* Re:Medical scribe needed
  psych09 - 07/06/17 14:53
  I am also interested in this opportunity, please send me the details on my id
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* Re:Medical scribe needed
  bvm1 - 09/08/17 17:21
  Hello, I am ECFMG certified and am interested in the medical scribe position. Contact me at  
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* Re:Medical scribe needed
  fjb786 - 09/20/17 13:50  
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