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* Failed step 1 with private USMLE tutor
  wallygarcia - 01/10/18 23:30
  I failed my exam with a private tutor online and live sessions, it was definitely not helpful or effective we only covered a small amount, and what the tutor was teaching was outdated, I definitely do not recommend using a tutor that doesnt reveal their true identity
I strongly recommend that you ask for a valid ID and you must photocopy it so that if you fail you know who is responsible for scamming you. these online tutors are a bunch of crooks and most of them have failed and are not able to get into residency, i have a strong suspicion that they are failing people intentionally so that they can have a better chance of getting a residency position
please avoid all tutors and ask for a LEGAL form of ID before paying any money
i was scammed online and I dont want anyone else to be scammed by this
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* Re:Failed step 1 with private USMLE tutor
  wallygarcia - 01/10/18 23:32
  you must know their first and last name before paying for any sessions  
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* Re:Failed step 1 with private USMLE tutor
  yoplaityumyum - 01/11/18 04:24
  for any tutor ask for the proof of id and their scores ie actual scores proof. never trust anyone who refuses to give those.  
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* Re:Failed step 1 with private USMLE tutor
  drbatista - 01/11/18 18:54
  I am sorry to hear about your exam failure..... But I would never blame a tutor, it was your obligation to take an NBME and test your knowledge on each subject, It was your responsibility to record your progress and to make sure that the tutor is strengthening all your weaknesses. Tutors are here to help you with your journey, if you put your grade in the hands of another person based solely on faith, then I think you have a lot of learning to do.

I can care less about credentials of scores and first or last names, What makes a good tutor is his/her ability to make you a better test taker, not to make you pass this exam. Passing the exam is your responsibility not the tutors. Were you even ready for this exam? If your uworld scores/NBME say NO and your tutor says YES, who do you think you should listen to?

Don't get me wrong some scammers want to get paid, but making a living out of tutoring is a noble job, and a challenging one. If your tutor wasn't giving you results, you had all the power to drop him. Take responsibility and realize this was completely your fault. I wish you the best of luck and sorry for being so honest.

Event + Response = Outcome

We can't always control the event but the response to the event is always in your hands. Take control of the Response and you will control your outcome.

Good luck, we are all in this battle together, I wish you the best.

Remember , learning the material for this exam is like learning a new language and if your language was not comprehensive to Uworld/NBME than you should of known something wrong. It is literally impossible to "fake teach" all this material.... Uworld/Kaplan/RX/NBME they will be painfully honest with you. Take responsibility and don't ever quit. Good Luck.
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* Re:Failed step 1 with private USMLE tutor
  miacarmel - 01/12/18 01:26
  @drbatista i totally agree with you . Tutor can guide you . you can ask for a free session if dont like dont proceed  
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