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  zoh - 01/12/18 05:56
  A 16-year-old boy is brought to the pediatrician by his mother because of excessive daytime sleepiness. She states that over the past six months she has received numerous phone calls from the boy’s school informing her that her son sleeps throughout all of his afternoon classes and is often difficult to arouse at the end of class. The patient reports that occasionally when he wakes up in the morning he cannot move for extended periods. He says that sometimes when he laughs at jokes or becomes nervous before a test, he feels as if he cannot move his legs. He admits that he has even fallen to the floor because of leg weakness while laughing. Which of the following is the best choice for treating this patient? (A) Chloral hydrate (B) Hydroxyzine (C) Modafinil (D) Prochlorperazine maleate (E) Zolpidem  
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* Re:qqqq
  rose366 - 01/12/18 09:57
  Narcolepsy?? C .
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* Re:qqqq
  zoh - 01/13/18 01:16
  Ans ccccc

what other drug or drugs used for narcolepsy?
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* Re:qqqq
  sawtooth - 01/13/18 12:36
  technically amphetamines and sodium oxybate
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* Re:qqqq
  zoh - 01/14/18 00:41
  Amphitamine in daytime while sodium oxybate in night time :)  
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