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* Old FMG, is it worth it?
  nostalgia210 - 03/03/18 15:32
  Hello everyone,
I am not sure what I am asking here, but I am an old FMG who lost touch with clinical medicine and would like to come back, but terrified.
I graduated 2009 and finished my internship in 2011. Since then I worked in my school of medicine as public health instructor and then received a masters and doing a PhD now in public health in the states in a very prestigious school.
I guess those are medically related areas, but I also have been very unsuccessful in publishing and right now struggling to get my dissertation data collected so not really time to be studying in earnest for USMLE. I don't see any possibility to even start seriously preparing before May 2019 but I want to start refreshing my medical knowledge now. I am also married so my options in terms of location are not super flexible since I need to consider my husband's ability to relocate given his career.

I guess the question of this long rant, is it worth it to go through the USMLE process and apply for matching at this point. I really miss medicine, and I want to be a child psychiatrist (which was my initial plan but my school did not have a specialized program). On the positive side, I have had clerkship in the US during my internship, have connections with psychiatry departments where I could have more observerships, and also by time I apply for match, if I ever, I will hopefully have a green card
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* Re:Old FMG, is it worth it?
  rpl - 03/03/18 21:59
  It is only 9 years since graduation no big deal. Try USMLE and see. You will be happy that You did what you wanted instead of having regrets of not trying. All the best.  
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* Re:Old FMG, is it worth it?
  raphaella - 03/07/18 12:20
  I know an IMG who started residency in the US 17 years after graduating. She is currently an attending. I hope this encourages you as it did me.  
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* Re:Old FMG, is it worth it?
  drd81 - 03/08/18 14:27
  Hi Nostalgia,
Same boat... welcome :) we can prep together if it helps!
leave your Skype id and we can connect!
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* Re:Old FMG, is it worth it?
  alt - 03/12/18 11:58
  Hi Nostalgia and drd81.
I'm in the same predicament.
We can study together.
Where are you located?
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* Re:Old FMG, is it worth it?
  doctorpatel - 03/20/18 13:17
  great story  
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* Re:Old FMG, is it worth it?
  step1now - 03/27/18 01:16
  I am seriously interested in study partners. Skype ID: lordIsaac.O  
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