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* mrcp ii made easy
  anwith - 04/14/18 10:49
  MRCP II MADE EASY is an easy book written for the layman and Physicians. He interlaces the pathology with case studies which is the style of the USMLE which is like going back to medical school. One example is Prion disease adn Creutzfefld Jacob disease which he tells as a case history like an episode of House MD. The learning is like a mnemonic as there is an emotional content of the poor man who was using pituitatry extract from an uncertified source and obviously the fiasco of the Mad Cow Disease which has crossed the species. The book is written as a charity to help AIDS patient as he is a Physician for Utopia and all that is needed for the Medical Part of the USMLE 2 and pathology for the USMLE 2 and 3. It is written in the style of Michael Crichton, Frank Herbert and Robin Cook. As Osler, the Professor of Medicine of Oxford, Mcgill and Harvard said as your pathology, so is your medicine and this book proves it. The Equanamitas of Osler should be revisited as he describes the intimate relationship between student and Professors. My wife and 2 kids love the stories. Some make you cry , others laugh but it is about compassion. Good Luck and I wish you all the best as I remember the gruelling examination.  
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