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* failed 3 times
  rthaque - 07/12/18 01:03
  Is it worth to try for residency if anybody has 3 attempts in step 1?  
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* Re:failed 3 times
  impactfulmind - 07/12/18 14:54
  I think it is worth it. It might take longer to get residency or you might have to do more electives/research but I've seen people get residency after multiple attempts. All the best!  
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* Re:failed 3 times
  hsisa - 07/13/18 01:17
  sorry about that, try to get high scores next time and in the ck, get connections to improve your chance for residency.GOOD LUCK.
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* Re:failed 3 times
  scm86 - 07/13/18 17:11
  rthaque ,

Have you tried Lecturio? Leave your mail address and I can send you a coupon
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* Re:failed 3 times
  receptor - 07/13/18 20:28
  Dude imo you should find out where your true talents are and go from there. I think you should quit this thing because 3 fails is a little too much. Gonna go out on a limb here and say that very high scores are probably not in the cards for you and with passing or low scores it is unlikely that you would even get interviews. I am not saying it can't happen but you need to really think whether it is worth pouring all the time and resources into something when odds are seriously against you.

Don't let this define you. You may not be a great test taker but there is something else out there for you. Granted, most fields out there require some kind of standardized exam but majority of them are pass or fail and you can attempt them any number of times you need. But in the field of medicine, it is kinda important to get it right the very first time. Or the second time. Or redeem yourself with high CK score. But none of this really applies to you at this point.
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* Re:failed 3 times
  opto9 - 07/17/18 07:35
  Hey you can do it !! don't listen to the negative people , i have seen people doing it  
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* Re:failed 3 times
  shivansh - 07/18/18 12:20
  Yes you will be having chances, you need get high scores for the next time. You need to get good scores in the next steps. Also, gain hands-on rotation to make the application better.  
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* Re:failed 3 times
  apico - 07/18/18 22:18
  I think you should keep trying. All successful people in life have failed at one thing or another before succeeding. I think you're a failure if you quit!  
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* Question
  apico - 07/18/18 22:22
  I didn't take the Step one yet, but my friend took it and failed by one question-190.
Is there a way to have the test reviewed to see if anything can be done? Anybody know?
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