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* Aspirine overdose
  js19 - 09/05/18 19:07
  Hi can anybody correct me if Im wrong, within the first 12 h of Asp. Int. You should have Resp Alkalosis and then it changes to anion gap Met Accidosis? Please any hel I will apreciated I got this question Wrong on USMLE sample QS Im confused 🤷‍♂️ 😐 🤔  
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* Re:Aspirine overdose
  cardio69 - 09/05/18 21:33
  50 tablets ~ 15g do you think that toxic dose -> ?

Do you think Q pic about 3hrs of TOXIC dose or high therapeutic?
What happens to RC? You think what we have gone RA? If so what happens to pH? What happens to HCO3 + what would happen to K cycle & uncoupling OP? -> Are you gone have MA?

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* Re:Aspirine overdose
  js19 - 09/06/18 09:34
  I was rereding questions And I came a cross to aspirin overdose between FIrst Aid and some of my notes and that question, but you right Question is not do to intoxication, can you please clarify for me what’s RC and OP stands for.. I got The point of Respiratory Acidosis RA Metabolic Acidosis

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* Re:Aspirine overdose
  hellu_usmle - 09/06/18 10:23
  I think he means Oxidative Phosphorylation and Respiratory Cycle
Good luck .
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* Re:Aspirine overdose
  cardio69 - 09/06/18 16:07
  My pleasure.
@hellu thank you for your help. btw you doing great on your step 3 with your one-liners:)
it was members ("penelope24" name of member) who did what you doing now on CK and been effective ( I wish I had time to attend your party:) Don't give up!!

@js apology for my abbreviation ...

RC: Respiratory Center. Respiratory acidosis /suppression of the medullary RC. OP as hellu said.

I have may Qs on the Salyslaic OD & many other toxicities... you can go to search box here & find them.

Here one read my exp on it
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* Re:Aspirine overdose
  hellu_usmle - 09/06/18 17:47
  @cardio: Thanks. Its just that doing all those help me revisit those topics and also I can go back to my one liners for quick revision later as well. Wow !! Somebody did these things before but yeah its the easiest and quickest way to remember things. Join my Party? lol its more like a zombie apocalypse situation for me. I am frightened al the time.  
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* Re:Aspirine overdose
  cardio69 - 09/06/18 21:06
  @hello keep it Up:)

"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear."

~Nelson Mandela
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* Re:Aspirine overdose
  js19 - 09/06/18 23:16
  Cardio69 thanks no worries 😉 I got it

Im also kind of struggling with some Bioestadistics questions I guess since I don’t like it but can you also explain de ARR one related to Azytromycin en Vomiting as Side effects it seems simple but theres a step that I missing any help I will appreciate it
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* Re:Aspirine overdose
  hellu_usmle - 09/07/18 11:44
  @cardio: I was going wiht hello_usmle as my username and for some reason it became hellu and i thought both has hell and USMLE for me has been hell since day 1 of step 1 at step 3 its not that of a difference lol...Nice quote there. Charged me up for a while. Thanks for good words.  
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* Re:Aspirine overdose
  js19 - 09/07/18 13:54
  Hi guys need some advise and suggestions it is worth it to review old offlline NBMEs, that has being retired. I need to increase my scores I already did Uworld Pathoma Goljan kaplan FA currently reading my flash cards, did NBME I want at least 30 to 40 points more. Please any help will be appreciated thanks  
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* Re:Aspirine overdose
  cardio69 - 09/07/18 19:34
  @hello lol... the journey makes you a better Dr. Just work hard & always pay off and you definitely be better knowledgeable dr not like those I have seen in a slaughterhouse by medical errors in so called hospital. Enjoy your prep journey:) Good luck!

Q/Pic of randomized trial they to risk for dev GI SE using azithromycin compared with erythromycin in the treatment of pertussis in kidos.

GI effect adverse events were 3x (15/50 = 0.3) more common with erythromycin treatment than 5 kido (5/50 = 0.2) Azithromycin. Compliance with therapy was markedly better with azithromycin than with erythromycin in this study.
The difference in risk (NOT THE proportion) attributable to the intervention as compared to a control…
ARR -> difference in event rate between the control arm and the experimental arm.

Math 101 😊->
ARR = 0.3 – 0.1 = 0.2 should be your ans

You mention you done Goli/pathoma/kaplan & UW. If you have time do those nb old QS. I hope you took some online one (timed to see where you stand) ...
Best at the point where you are in my opinion; DO MORE QS & know FA cold & Understand fogy area.
One problem it seems you use many sources, not a good approach. Master one at least on the pathology side of the pic. I recall read article in journal science years ago, basically, they found that if you self test yourself is will do better. So again, read FA, understand it & test yourself with someone or yourself in the mirror😊
Best of luck. Please don’t ask me more Qs on this matter😊 there is no magic. Read what I just said and try it do Qs and evaluate yourself with nb online/timed.

The more you read the better the score ~poppy Goli😊

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