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* Study Group
  solost - 09/12/18 08:23
  Hey Guys,

I'm going through a lot of self-doubt right now so i thought why not find a tribe who understands how i feel.

I'm hoping to form a study group of 3-5 people (more are welcome)
who are serious about studies, have a solid plan and we can share ideas and encourage each other
meet in group chat and have an hour long study sessions or just keep each other in check.

So i'm doing my first pass of First Aid (its a bit rocky) and I want to write my step this year.
-I've finished first 6ch of Pathoma
-Biochem (Genetics/Nutrition) in First Aid
-Heme/Onc in First Aid
- covered Viruses/Fungi/Parasites and antiviral drugs (still have to do Bacteria and antimicrobials)

Just started Neuro

My hangout:
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* Re:Study Group
  solost - 09/12/18 08:24
  i live in ET zone  
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* Re:Study Group
  solost - 09/12/18 08:25
  or i can form a skype id...which i dont have cause i never used skype. lol  
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* Re:Study Group
  mycalling2008 - 09/13/18 12:41
  sounds like a great plan i would like to join @ i live in Columbia SC
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* Re:Study Group
  anagh - 09/17/18 18:41
  @ mycalling2008 , hey I am in Columbia sc too . Great to meet u . I am preparing for step 1.u can contact me my mail Id

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