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* Restarting the journey
  cameback - 09/18/18 12:38
  Am an old IMG, tried to study and finish everything in nine months. That did not work out. So I left the plan and started working. Am coming back after a year now; will have to brush up and start the journey again. Will try to do it while working. If there are old IMGs and people in the same boat, lets join and kill the beast!  
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* Re:Restarting the journey
  mycalling2008 - 09/19/18 14:08
  yes ready to do it
where do you live
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* Re:Restarting the journey
  courage2011 - 09/21/18 12:44
  which specialty you guys are thinking about?  
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* Re:Restarting the journey
  alt - 09/21/18 12:58
  I am an old IMG as well.... where do you live?
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* Re:Restarting the journey
  green25 - 09/23/18 16:26
  Hello guys I am an old IMG also restarting journey  
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* Re:Restarting the journey
  green25 - 09/23/18 16:27
  Please let me know how we will communicate each other I live in NJ  
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* Re:Restarting the journey
  abp - 09/24/18 10:28
  Hi, I am also in the same boat and just restarted one month back..I think best way to communicate is whatsapp..we can create a group and communicate, if you are agree with me drop your phone no I will create a group, I am in Connecticut.  
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* Re:Restarting the journey
  alt - 09/24/18 11:45
  Anyone in the Houston area?
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* Re:Restarting the journey
  f2 - 09/24/18 13:31
  Iím old graduate studying for step1 lives in California.  
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* Re:Restarting the journey
  larabr - 09/24/18 15:59
  Same situation. I live in Florida.. I am watching DIT videos, making some note and Uworld question in parallel to FA. We can do it!  
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* Re:Restarting the journey
  drkins80 - 09/24/18 16:23
  I would like to join your team as old IMG and residing in NJ and started preparation for step 1, planning to give exam in March 2019.
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