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* Step 1 and Uworld
  andrewc92 - 10/11/18 14:00
  Hy, I am an Italian MD, recently graduated, and I am going to take Step 1 in 2 weeks.
I have gone through FA Step 1 and I am now at 70% of Uworld QB Step 1.
I have a few questions:
1- is the layout of the "program" used at the exam similar to Uworld? Do we have the calculator, the notes and so on as in uworld?
2- I am now scoring around 80% (first pass) and I realized I lack some knowledge in micro and histo to improve. Do you think it is an high-enough score and I can go on with the QB without going back to FA? How good is the correlation b/w the score in Uworld and the score at Step 1?

Best luck to everyone
Thank You.
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* Re:Step 1 and Uworld
  dushi - 10/11/18 20:46
  1. the layout is similar. they can't have the exact layout with the main exam so they all have something close to it, they give the calculator and lab values and marking like how it is in the exam, it can't be exact or it will be a copyright issue. I think uworld q bank is supposed to have the most similar I don't know. I haven't taken the real exam yet so I don't know.
2. check out this link it has an overview of the score correlation .

Good Luck
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