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* Residency and medical license
  img919 - 11/29/18 13:03
  I am an old img planning to apply next season .I am not be eligible for medical license in many states with 7 year rule for usmle....but few states like NY do not have 7 year rule.... My question is .....can I apply or do residency in states with 7 year rule.??? you need medical license to complete residency?? it essential to be eligible for that state medical licenseure in order to start residency there?.....or is it meaningless to apply in states with 7 year rule..or... should the application be just limited to states with greater than 7 year time frame to do Usmle where I may be fit for the medical license later.?.... please help..... thanks...

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* Re:Residency and medical license
  masalaman - 12/02/18 19:06
  I believe most states are 7 years from beginning of first step whatever it is regardless of attempts not from year of graduation.. That is why ECFMG specifically allows some people to take one of the exams so that all the exams are within the 7 year window period.. It is clearly on their website

For exam.. you take step 1 in May 2012.. and finish all exams before may 2019 and apply for license in May 2020.. your step 1 is out of the 7 yr window.. so now ECFMG allows you to retake step 1 again to meet the window.. but the catch is only one choice is given.. you either pass or fail.. no second chances .. if you fail.. your chance of license in that particular state is gone..
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* Re:Residency and medical license
  fjb786 - 12/20/18 16:44

So I took Step 1 back in 2006, step 2CK in 2009. I am ECFMG certified. But since BOTH my exams are out of the 7 year window, can I take both again for licensure? or just one exam again?

And how do i get permission to do this? Does ECFMG give us permission or do we need permission for the state licensing board?

Thank you!
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* Re:Residency and medical license
  usmloma - 12/20/18 19:46
  You can apply for residency and match anywhere regardless of 7yrs rule because most states require 2 or 3 years of training for IMGs before applying for Permanent/Unrestricted license. However once you need the full license eaither you need to take the board lets say IMAB or retake the first step to fit in the 7yrs rule.
USMLE will ask you for a letter from the state of medical examiners to allow you retaking that step. 9nly if you already has takeb step 3
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