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* NBME Surgery Form 3
  kennychan - 01/05/18 23:59
  A 28-year-old woman comes to the physician fatigue, increasing breast size and tenderness, and increased urinary frequency over the past 8 weeks. She has also had slight intermittent cramping in the midline. She is uncertain when her last menstrual period occurred. She is 152 cm and weighs 85 kg, BMI 37. Ultrasonography shows a viable pregnancy high in the uterus consistent with an 8-week gestation. Two weeks later, she has severe right-sided abdominal pain and associated with right shoulder pain. Ultrasonography of the pelvis shows a viable pregnancy in the right corneal area of the uterus. Immediately after the ultrasonography, the patientís vital signs become unstable with a pulse of 140/min, respirations of 20/min, and blood pressure of 90/40 mm Hg. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?

A) Adenomyosis
B) Corpus luteum cyst
C) Ectopic pregnancy
D) Endometrioma
E) Endometriosis
F) Follicular cysts
G) Leiomyomata uteri
H) Pelvic inflammatory disease
I) Ruptured ovarian cyst (wrong answer)
J) Spontaneous abortion

I think probably it is an ectopic pregnancy. Is ectopic pregnancy viable? Thank your for your opinions.
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* Re:NBME Surgery Form 3
  mddreams - 01/08/18 20:11
  I did an offline version and I put ectopic as well. I believe as long as its not ruptured, viable is being alive right now.

I can't find all the surgery cms 3 answers, did you want to discuss? I can post the questions I had trouble with.
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